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Since 1997, the HCJ talent acquisition recruiting team has sourced, screened and qualified healthcare candidates of all levels, from staff nurses to C-Level administrators and physicians. Simply browse or do a search of our current openings. Please send your updated CV or Resume to the listed recruiter for any that match your qualifications!

read more › HCJ - (HealthCare Jobs) is a subsidiary of Larry White Associates, Inc. We proudly serve the medical market of hospitals, facilities, private clinics, and Behavioral Health organizations nationwide. We have remained in continuous operation since 1997. Since that time we have met the needs of the United States' healthcare community by recruiting quality candidates to fill the need of our clients and third party recruiter affiliates. With our team of vast experience and dedication, the healthcare Talent Acquisition Team of Recruiters work with a variety of clients and affiliates nationwide to provide the quality candidate for each job openings.

read more › Our highly skilled and experienced team of Recruiters will assist you in securing a new career opportunity! Larry White is the founder of HealthCare Jobs and leads the HCJ Talent Acquisition Specialists who work in all healthcare specialties throughout the United States. Elaine is a highly dedicated and successful recruiter who brings more than 20 years of recruiting and management experience in temporary and permanent staffing to our team. Beverly is an outstanding achiever in the field of healthcare recruiting, administration/patient advocacy, and has over 20 years in financial services experience.

read more › We specialize in permanent placement for employees at all levels of healthcare from staff nurses to "C" level leadership and physicians. The Larry White Associates, Inc. team of HealthCare Recruiters locate candidates through creative sourcing technologies including job board application, social media, deep web searches and industry databases. HCJ has associates as third party affiliates who provide candidates for positions when necessary. HCJ works with healthcare employers/clients to find the right candidate for each position in a timely manner.

read more › Our organization had the opportunity to experience firsthand the expert services of Larry White in recruiting our CEO position. Mr. White was accessible, resourceful and supportive throughout the process. Our organization is a managed behavioral health organization owned in equal partnership by three university medical schools. Mr. White quickly keyed into our operations and the qualifications and requirements needed for viable candidates for our position. I felt our recruiting needs could not have been in better hands.

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