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Don't be tricked by your average guy in a superhero suit claiming to be hunting qualified candidates. We know fluid power. Don't waste valuable time and resoures searching, interviewing and researching, only to hire the wrong guy! We will make sure your candidates are qualified, and meet your requirements. We are an executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of fluid power engineers, fluid power sales and marketing professionals, and manufacturing professionals within the fluid power and related industries.

read more › Mutual satisfaction - We promise our clients and candidates that they will find mutual success from a BHA placement. We accomplish that by providing pertinent and beneficial feedback throughout the recruiting process, and regular follow-up contact after placement. Candidate placement - We offer two methods of search, retained and contingency. Proactively conducting direct hire searches on a contingent basis has made BHA what it is today. By assessing the market and delivering superior talent to our clients, we have established ourselves as a premiere search firm in the fluid power industry.

read more › To a large degree, the success of your interview will depend on your ability to discover needs and empathize with the interviewer. You can do this by asking questions that verify your understanding of what the interviewer has just said, without editorializing or expressing an opinion. By establishing empathy in this manner, you'll be in a better position to freely exchange ideas, and demonstrate your suitability for the job. In addition to empathy, there are four other intangible fundamentals to a successful interview.

read more › It's been said that Napoleon won his battles in his tent; that is, he did all the planning the night before the battle was joined, so that every contingency could be adequately covered. Interview preparation is similar. You never know exactly what will happen on the battlefield, but by being ready, you can eliminate a lot of the uncertainty, and know how to react to different scenarios. Later, we'll look at ways to effectively conduct the interview itself; but for now, let's focus on the list, each item at a time.

read more › You and I are lucky -- we live in a world rich in possibilities. Besides being able to select from an unlimited variety of occupations, we also have the right to find happiness in our daily work. Naturally, everyone has a different definition of job satisfaction. For example, the job that seems fine to you may not be of much interest your best friend, and vice versa. The fact that you live in a free society gives you the privilege to decide your own fate. You have as much power in determining where you work as you do in selecting a spouse, a home, a car, or a pet.

read more › When promotions are considered, your employer will take your lack of loyalty into account. Statistics show that 85% of those who accept a counteroffer end up leaving - voluntarily or involuntarily - within one year. The same circumstances that caused you to consider leaving will likely recur in the future.

read more › You've accepted a new job. Now take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the challenge ahead. Even though you may be floating on cloud nine now, there are a lot of emotional and logistical hurdles yet to clear. As you've already learned, the job-changing process arouses all sorts of feelings. During the transitional phase that begins with your acceptance of an offer and ends a month or two after you've started your new position, the emotional limbo you'll experience will be especially acute. Why?

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