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St Josephs Hospital Emergency At TeamHealth, our purpose is to perfect the practice of medicine, every day, in everything we do. We started in Emergency Medicine, expanded to additional hospital-based practices and also serve post-acute care and ambulatory centers. No matter the setting, our innovative service model enhances quality and efficiency.

When our partners rely on us to staff multiple departments, the TeamHealth advantage shines even brighter, with patients and clinicians experiencing better continuity of care, and hospitals seeing the power of integrated performance.Collective success is the only true measure of a job well done. We steadfastly believe doing the right thing leads to better outcomes for all, so we forge genuine relationships among our team members, the facilities where they work and the communities they serve.

From new clinicians just starting their careers to seasoned medical directors, we're a team in every sense of the word. To attract the best, we make sure our clinicians have manageable caseloads so they can focus on quality of care, and we offer all the bells and whistles clinicians deserve, like generous compensation, PLI coverage, incentives, career growth opportunities, flexible schedules, and CME.

read more › For the last 40 years, TeamHealth has led the way in hospital-based clinical practice management. With a foundation in Emergency Medicine, we've used our knowledge and expertise to strategically grow our clinical partnership areas to best serve the full continuum of healthcare. When our partners rely on us to staff multiple departments, the TeamHealth advantage shines even brighter, with patients and clinicians experiencing better continuity of care, and hospitals seeing the power of integrated performance.

read more › It's no secret that a lack of in-house specialty support is a growing issue for healthcare facilities across the country-and inpatient psychiatry is no exception. Patients with mental health needs that require hospitalization often rely on community-based clinicians for care. Unfortunately, this can result in a fragmented approach that negatively impacts the patient experience and delays needed care. TeamHealth's acute behavioral health program offers a stable approach to managing mental health services for patients who have been admitted to hospital-based or free-standing facilities.

read more › A patient's best ally for maintaining good health is a clinician who is not only trained to quickly diagnose but also takes the time to understand them. For each patient that comes into one of our ambulatory care settings, we're ready-ready to produce better outcomes because we create individualized care plans and ready for patients ahead of time because we proactively prepare our clinicians for the full spectrum of low to high acuity cases. Drawing from 30 years of experiences in Emergency Department design and management, our ambulatory care practice is high-quality and low-cost for patients.

read more › Our anesthesiology teams deliver care to thousands of patients in different clinical settings across hundreds of practices in 19 states. Though our touchpoints and case mixes are diverse, the one common thread is the support we provide our clinical teams so they can focus on exceptional patient care and OR effectiveness. As part of TeamHealth Anesthesiology, you won't have to worry about administrative burdens or scheduling restrictions. Instead, you'll have the freedom to practice when and how you want, plus the flexibility to lead industry-changing studies and programs like patient blood management or standards for the perioperative surgical home.

read more › There is no particular path or one-size-fits-all approach for integrating behavioral health into every facility or health system. TeamHealth specializes in partnering with facilities like yours to achieve a fully integrated care model that addresses all patient needs. Through a collaborative partnership, TeamHealth provides quality tools and resources for your facility. We can staff your facility with board-certified psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and psychologists. These clinicians collaborate with the medical team and use their knowledge, skills and compassion to expertly treat the whole patient.

read more › In the ICU, every moment counts, and you depend on your team to help you deliver lifesaving care when patients need it most. As an emerging physician group in the field of critical care, TeamHealth understands the importance of being part of a team that has your back. Professional development tools, educational resources and CME through TeamHealth Institute. A nationwide network of thousands of clinicians collaborating and sharing best practices for patient care. LiveWell WorkLife services assists with everything from financial planning to childcare, including TeamHealth's clinician wellness program.

read more › We pull out all the stops to create a supportive environment for you to enjoy your work, hone your practice and shape your goals. We make it real by protecting the flexibility in your schedule, increasing your administrative support, and reducing ED wait times so you can help patients in need. You'll be able to learn and grow alongside the best in Emergency Medicine, with mentors, education and avenues for professional development that feed into your career path at TeamHealth. Put simply, we invest in our new physicians.

read more › Provide excellent patient care while enjoying work-life balance as a TeamHealth OB/GYN Hospitalist. Our OB/GYN hospitalist teams deliver care to thousands of patients at hospitals and medical centers nationwide. We know positive clinician experience is the key to delivering excellent patient care. We are dedicated to supporting our clinicians so you can focus on delivering the best possible patient care. Professional development tools, educational resources and CME through TeamHealth Institute.

read more › TeamHealth offers an innovative approach to practicing medicine as a surgeon. Our surgeons are empowered to make the right decisions for their patients. As a surgeon with TeamHealth you will be able to focus on patient care and the medicine you want to practice, without the distractions of administrative responsibilities. Professional development tools, educational resources and CME through TeamHealth Institute. A nationwide network of thousands of clinicians collaborating and sharing best practices for patient care.

read more › Quality care begins with understanding each patient's unique needs. We're empathetic, attentive and engaged in each patient's experience and the individual challenges faced at every stage of transitional care. Each post-acute care patient has a story, and put simply, listening well is how we build individualized patient plans for the next steps in a patient's journey. These focused plans are then checked against the collective knowledge of colleagues across 400+ post-acute care teams-who share best practices, lessons learned, and evidence-based data to improve care across the board.

read more › While the TeamHealth standard of providing clinical excellence remains unchanged for over 40 years, how we deliver care continues to expand and adapt to meet patient's and hospital leader's expectations. The demand for convenience is among those evolving expectations. TeamHealth VirtualCare helps provide quality care at the right time and right place. Our unique core capabilities position TeamHealth to offer an industry-leading telehealth solution. Technology platform backed by the highest security (HITRUST) and HIPPA compliant certification.

read more › A lot can derail the pure practice of medicine and patient care. That's why we help physicians focus on the challenge of a new case, not its administrative burden. On our team, you'll get full-time administrative support, clinical support, risk management resources, education, leadership training, advancement opportunities, flexible scheduling options, and relief from the worries of running a private practice. You can play the roles you choose-from participating in QA to contributing on research to teaching to leading world-class medical organizations to simply practicing in a way that makes a difference for your patients.

read more › A practice can be defined by its medical director and their style of leadership. That's why we take extra care to cultivate and nurture successful leaders at TeamHealth-ones who will set the tone for a practice and guide their teams toward tangible goals like client retention and patient satisfaction, cultural goals like successful interactions with nursing and other clinicians, and the ultimate goal-flawless patient care. As a TeamHealth medical director, you'll get training on how to effectively and efficiently put your strategic vision into motion.

read more › In today's Hospital Medicine environment, you're asked to deliver patient care with a high level of confidence. That's why we put you in the best position, with the education, training, risk management resources, and support to anticipate patient needs and act on them. As part of our community of APCs and physicians, together, you'll develop standards of care, tackle tough cases, and share best practices. You'll have open channels of communication-where you can tell us your ideas, your concerns, and where your interests fall within a range of locations, schedules, and settings.

read more › Our non-clinical associates are the ones that make TeamHealth tick. Whether you have your eye on the home office or one of our locations around the country, you can find your place here. Locum tenens provides the right fit for many clinicians. If you're looking for meaningful work that offers more flexibility, D&Y can meet your needs. Spectrum focuses on caring for America's military families by providing management and staffing services to U.S. Military Treatment Facilities, VA Clinics and Federal Agencies.

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