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GreenStaff is a staffing company specializing in careers that increase energy efficiency, produce renewable energy, restore the natural environment, and provide education, consulting or similar services in any of these categories. GreenStaff places highly qualified employees at CleanTech companies looking to hire the best people. GreenStaff is built upon 20 years of Environmental Science, Facilities Engineering and LEED experience in a broad range of disciplines.

This experience allows us to understand the kind of job you are looking for and the kind of employee you need. Whether you are a recent graduate or have worked in the field for years, GreenStaff has access to the newest emerging jobs in this fast growing market. Submit your resume here and find your ideal Green job. Work at emerging companies working in Green collar fields requires skills and certifications that bridge many disciplines.

GreenStaff can help you find the people you need to keep your company competitive and help it grow into the future.

read more › GreenStaff is a division of MEMStaff Inc., which was established in 2006 with a simple goal - to further enable the MEMS industry by locating the top professionals for our clients. Since then, MEMStaff has clearly become established as the leading recruiting firm for the MEMS industry. MEMStaff quickly realized that it's technical background and knowledge of the semiconductor industry as well as niche areas of that industry, which require "specialty" techniques and skills, was of value to growing companies requiring green skills.

read more › GreenStaff is currently looking for Senior Recruiters to join the GreenStaff team. If you have experience at a large staffing company in a technical field such as IT or Biotechnology or have experience in engineering, semiconductors, or the green industry and enjoy a sales oriented environment in a fast growing technical field, please contact us to explore opportunites at GreenStaff. You do not need specific experience in the field, however, some technical experience or experience recruiting in a technical field is required.

read more › Work in GREEN industries requires exceptional people with exceptional skills in specific areas. GreenStaff understands those specialized skills and is constantly talking to employees with expertise in these areas. The technical background of GreenStaff employees allows them to understand the skills that your company desires and to find a match for the position you are looking to fill. The GREEN field is growing at a fast pace, and fast growing companies are scrambling to find top talent to bring their products to market as quickly as possible.

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