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At North Bay Jobs with Justice we believe that all workers should have collective bargaining rights, employment and housing security, and a decent standard of living that provides equitable access to education, living wages, healthcare, retirement, and safe neighborhoods. We are a grassroots coalition of labor, community, and student voices at the national and local levels to win improvements in people's lives and shape the public discourse on workers' rights and the economy.

We believe that communities of color, low income workers, immigrant families, LGBTQ and youth are among the most impacted by corporate greed and as such should be centered in leading our efforts to build movements for social, political and economic change. We can and will build a society and economy that works for ALL. 2000 SEIU 707, community organizations, and faith and labor activists form the Living Wage Coalition of Sonoma County (LWC).

2000 LWC and North Bay Labor Council lobby the Petaluma City Council to include Living Wage and 'card-check/neutrality' provisions in the development agreement for the proposed Petaluma Sheraton Hotel and Conference center.

read more › Please join us in celebrating and honoring the work of Marty Bennett as he retires from the organization he co-founded, North Bay Jobs with Justice. The breadth of Marty's contribution to the labor movement, to the worker's rights struggles, and to the passage of several important bills and campaigns around the North Bay cannot be covered in just one-night event. But we will certainly try! We hope you'll come give Marty a proper send-off, hear from an array of speakers from state elected representatives, workers, community and help ensure the work Marty started can continue on.

read more › The Healthcare for All Working Group is made up of medical professionals, labor advocates, and community activists. Based in Sonoma County, our mission is to advocate for meaningful healthcare reform, both in California and across the country. Specifically, we'd like to expand access to care through a single-payer, Medicare-for-All healthcare solution-for our state and the nation. Unlike proposed reforms such as the public option, single-payer would cut out the complexities and profit motives that increase costs while rationing care based on patients' ability to pay.

read more › 1. Workplace Raid Defense Trainings for Employees/Conozca las capacitaciones de sus derechos para los trabajadores. In May of 2017, North Bay Jobs with Justice, in partnership with the North Bay Labor Council, launched our Workplace Raid Defense trainings for employees to ensure workers knew their rights in the workplace with regards to their employers and when encountering ICE. This workshop includes a presentation on your rights, videos, and activities brought to you by trained and impacted community leaders.

read more › The core work of Jobs with Justice and the historical purpose that JwJ was created was to support and stand in solidarity with workers organizing. This includes workers organizing to form a union and fight for collective bargaining rights, as well as workers already organized who were taking on particular issues or renegotiating their contracts. Over the 5 years that North Bay Jobs with Justice has been established, we have supported a variety of workers in their fights -- ranging from standing on strike lines with Nurses and Healthcare workers, to picketing and rallying in front of the Sheraton Hotel in Petaluma and in the last year the Hyatt Vineyard Creek in Santa Rosa, to ensuring the 500+ waste and recycling workers of Sonoma County were able to form a union and win a first contract by raising standards with a better waste company, Recology.

read more › Wage theft is the illegal practice of not paying workers for all of their work including; violating minimum wage laws, not paying overtime, forcing workers to work off the clock, and much more. It is a major problem statewide. In Los Angeles alone, low-wage workers lose $26.2 million in wage theft violations every week-making it the wage theft capital of the country. PLEASE NOTE that ALL workers, regardless of their citizenship status, have the right to be paid their full wages and have protections under the law to file a wage theft claim.

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