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Accelerate your career and work alongside the top professionals in the world - from anywhere. From the big picture to the tiny details, everything you need to kickstart your remote career is right here. Hear directly from some of the 4,000+ people in 130+ countries who have used Crossover to accelerate their careers. Crossover is on a mission to find the most talented professionals in the world and match them with high-paying remote jobs at top companies.

Crossover's clients are rapidly growing companies who recognize how valuable it is to exclusively staff with stars. Here are a few of the jobs that our clients are currently hiring from Crossover's talent pool. Are you a leading technical expert who enjoys creating and scaling software products?

read more › The future of recruitment will be fairer for candidates, and deliver better results for employers. The way we work is broken. More and more work can be done entirely in the cloud, yet most people still commute five days a week to cubicle farms that have barely changed since 1985. That's bad for professionals because access to meaningful high-paying jobs is restricted based on where they live. And it's bad for innovation because the most talented people don't live in one zipcode - so companies are unable to fill their business with rockstars.

read more › Aurea was founded with the singular vision of helping businesses succeed in today's complex digital landscape. To achieve that goal, we do things differently. Our customers enjoy access to every product in our portfolio - all of which are cloud-based, enterprise-scale, and easy to use - with one simple subscription. Here is your opportunity to be part of something extraordinary! Avolin is driving the power of cloud transformation to customers in dozens of industries all of over the world. Our team brings together geographically agnostic, top talent to work on the latest technologies via virtual, collaborative environment.

read more › There are just under 8 billion people in the world today. That means close to 80 million people are in the top 1% of talent - and they live everywhere. Crossover's aim is to recruit exclusively from this group. We not only believe that it's possible to build a business where every worker is a rockstar - we're already doing it. Applying for a role on Crossover is different because we first need to identify whether a candidate is in the top 1% of global professionals. So, we've carefully curated a series of steps to achieve just that.

read more › Raghu is a hardcore technologist at heart. He worked in the US for 15 years at international companies like GE before returning to India. When Ivina got a job as a Level 2 support agent through Crossover, she never expected to get promoted twice in five years - and. And unlike in most companies, we have a regular cadence of check-ins when my manager and I discuss my career goals and trajectory within Crossover. Crossover recruits for 850+ teams at 70+ companies. Hear about how our remote model empowers work/life balance and a fresh approach to company culture.

read more › Crossover has spent years innovating solutions to fix the model, from the big picture to the tiny details. As a result, we deliver unprecedented levels of workforce productivity for our clients. From identifying the best candidates, to onboarding, to workforce management; we're setting the gold standard at every step of the journey. Now that most jobs can be done in the cloud, it makes no sense for businesses to hire only people within commuting distance from the office. Crossover specializes in helping businesses to release the unnecessary constraints of geographic location - so you can hire the best person in the world, not the best person in your zipcode.

read more › Crossover is a recruitment platform which specializes in 100% remote jobs. We connect talented professionals from around the globe with companies that are looking to hire the very best. Our 70+ client companies currently employ 4,000+ workers in 130+ countries. Crossover specializes in full-time careers. At this time, we do not offer part-time work or freelance/casual positions. In terms of industry, the majority of Crossover's clients are software businesses. As a result, we typically have a lot of technical positions for software engineers and architects - as well as business functions such as finance and marketing.

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