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Sweller Jobs At Sweller Jobs we treat others the way we'd like to be treated. Straight forward and honest. Doing business should not be complicated nor should it cost an arm and a leg. We strive to provide top candidates to our clients at the best rates that won't break the bank. Sweller Jobs mission is to keep quality people employed and companies operating at their best.

Our experience encompasses industries in technology, manufacturing, automotive, aviation and general staffing needs. No job is too big or too small. We keep a personal, hands on touch with our clients and candidates ensuring a win for all. Susan Weller is the Owner and Executive Recruiter of Sweller Jobs who set out with a mission to create a new way of doing business.

She felt the Recruiting industry was on a runaway train charging steep fees with long payment cycles. This was not working for employers and starving recruiters who sincerely wanted to help find quality employees to keep America in business. With the development of Sweller Jobs, our firm is off to a great start by building our business, one client at a time with rates that are reasonable and easy for companies to do business.

read more › Sweller Jobs mission is to use technology and human interaction to actively help companies compete and find the best employees possible. Sweller Jobs is not out to be the largest recruiting firm but acknowledges when business can find great team members without long term contracts or excessive fees then companies can quickly realize their full potential. Sweller Jobs works smarter and thinks outside the box to find the best talent for the your position.

read more › At Sweller Jobs, no job is too big or too small. Sweller Jobs fees are based on the company's needs and size of the recruiting project. We view the recruiting process as a partnership. Sweller Jobs has successfully linked arms with Fortune 500 companies, as well as businesses that have a handful of employees. Each unique situation is valued and handled with urgency and integrity. For Corporations, we operate on the business structure within the industry and matrix of the company, as needed. For smaller businesses, Sweller Jobs has a "Small Business Pricing Plan" to allow even the smallest companies to use our services to build the best teams possible.

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