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Employers can quickly & easily hire eager, dedicated, hard-working men seeking a second chance. It's simple, we set it all up for you. We're on a mission to bring hope to men seeking to leave the gang life through friendship, jobs, and faith - and ensure success for everyone. Join us out on the 9-hole golf course for a friendly competition for the coveted "Hope Now" Trophy!

Lunch will be served, and each participant will get a swag bag. You'll also learn more about Hope Now's impact in Fresno. We are truly blessed by the work at Hope Now with two of my employees. We've experienced remarkable success and accountability of their program; all in the name of the Lord. Fresno Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has been a proud sponsor and partner with Hope Now For Youth for over 20 years.

We are only where we are today through the grace of God and look forward to a future supporting Hope Now For Youth-mutually benefiting by gaining dedicated employees and contributing to the betterment of our community.

read more › Hope Now For Youth is a local non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, endorsed by the Fresno Business Council and civic leaders, whose purpose is to bring youth out of gangs into a productive life through loving and caring relationships and jobs. Hope Now For Youth employs former Hope Now youth whose lives have changed to serve as both role models and vocational placement counselors who find gainful employment for at-risk gang young men, ages 16 to 24. As of the fall of 2017 we have placed over 2,300 youth, most of whom are gang members with criminal records, in first-time jobs.

read more › Fresno was in a free fall of hopelessness. In the year 1992, gangs ruled the streets and were a major cause of 87 homicides. Night after night on the evening news and day after day in the newspaper, gang violence was rampant. Over 14,000 vehicles were stolen that year, earning Fresno national notoriety as the car-theft capital of the U.S., second only to Newark, New Jersey. In a national survey of most desirable places to live, Fresno ranked last. 227 out of 227. The cycle of anger and fear had to be broken.

read more › Based on the examples of our Lord Jesus Christ, Hope Now For Youth provides opportunities and support for young men caught up in gangs who want to change their lives and become productive, responsible and law-abiding parents and citizens. Preparation for and placement in a job as an achievable economic alternative to gang crime and violence. Hope Now For Youth is a Christian emergency rescue team for young men, ages 16 to 24, who are gang members or have criminal records. Through caring and helping relationships and employment, we aim to lift gang members from the streets to a life of hope and success.

read more › Vanna is one of Hope Now's transformed lives. He's a role model of what Hope Now can do. He is Hope Now. One of the things Vanna appreciates most is that Hope Now was the only place willing to give him a chance. It was the only organization to contact him, and then give him that one job he needed while seeking a new life outside of prison and gangs. He entered the Hope Now program and earned his Certificate of Completion in 2002. Vanna never forgot the life-changing chance extended by Hope Now.

read more › Corey has extensive business experience and currently develops assisted living and memory care communities in the Western U.S. In his spare time, he is a successful Little League baseball coach. Skip Lynn has served on the Hope Now Board for nearly 20 years. He is a Christ-follower who believes strongly in the mission of Hope Now: to find employment for young men seeking to get out of gangs, and to present them with the healing grace of Jesus Christ. Skip is a 30 year executive in the Environmental Industrial field and a member of First Presbyterian Church of Fresno.

read more › A caring relationship plus a job lifts a gang member from the streets into a life of hope and success. Hope Now For Youth meets every Tuesday through Thursday from 1-4:30 pm. During this time we hold our classes and other training events, as well as some recreational activities. Every client is required to be here on time and stay for the duration of the program. Potential clients are welcome to drop in during these hours to learn more and talk to a counselor. Return clients are assessed on an individual bases by the counselor and may be required to take some or all classes again.

read more › I heard about Hope Now through a friend who told me he knew of a place that can get guys with felonies jobs. One week after finishing the program, I was offered a job at Fresno Plumbing. I am thankful to God for opening the hearts of the staff at Hope Now For Youth so that they could help me. Hope Now For Youth inspired me to want to make a change in my life. By hearing others testimonies and seeing what the program had done for them made me want to do better. One morning I got a call from my dad about a program that he said I should go to called Hope Now For Youth.

read more › They want to change their lives and take some initiative to make those changes. Hope Now makes contact with a youth, gives him a business card, and asks him to call us if he wants to leave the streets. They are taught to be responsible and trustworthy. Hope Now enables responsible solutions to family and legal problems and teaches trustworthiness through trust. They are enabled to give their best at work. Hope Now continues to assist an employed youth in responsibly solving life problems so that he can focus on his job.

read more › They are dependable, courteous, and hard workers. Call our office and speak with Sergio for more information on how the odd job program works. We are impressed by this organization and their assistance and dedication to young men in our community. The staff at Hope Now helps so many employees and employers, their never-ending love and support cannot be measured. Our company has been truly blessed to hire young men from Hope Now For Youth. Fresno Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has been a proud sponsor and partner with Hope Now For Youth for over 20 years.

read more › JOURNEY HOME Before Sam was born, his family had to leave everything behind in their hometown of Battambang, Cambodia during the turmoil of the Khmer Rouge (1975-1979). Sam was born in a family of 12 children. of which only 10 survived. The Ban's were forced to travel light - only taking what they could carry. In the spirit of being good citizens and members of our community, Hope Now is working with the City of Fresno to help keep our streets clean. This week we are working in a large section of Southwest Fresno.

read more › Hope Now was founded in 1992 based on the belief - now a field-tested reality - that a caring relationship plus a job can empower a gang member to choose a life of hope and success over a life on the streets. Hope Now is a Fresno, California faith-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has seen over 2,500 young men leave their gangs for a job and a new life. Most Hope Now graduates are 16-24-year-old men with criminal records on probation or parole. Over 65% are retaining their jobs. Four of our current Vocational Placement Counselors are Hope Now graduates.

read more › Safely and securely give via debit/credit card, or by an electronic funds transfer directly from your bank. Visit our Donate Page. Hope Now has an account with Ameriprise Financial for the sole purpose of receiving gifts of publicly traded securities. Upon receiving the securities, we immediately liquidate all shares and transfer the funds to the Hope Now general fund. There may be significant tax benefits from gifts of this kind. Do you shop online at Amazon? If so, you can switch to Amazon Smile for free.

read more › When Hope Now accepts donated vehicles, we transfer the title from us to one of our clients. We are VERY careful to select a client who is one of our success stories - has turned his life around and has held down his job for a while. We also evaluate his current need for transportation and his driver's license status. By donating the vehicle to Hope Now, you are not merely helping a nonprofit raise funds, you are actually playing a significant role in continuing the transformation of a young man's (and his family's) life.

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