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Joy Care Center was founded in 1993 to facilitate ministry to ex-offenders upon their release from jail/prison by strengthening them spiritually and improving their practical skills, with the ultimate goal of seeing them become contributing members of their family, church, and the BIoomington-Normal community. 9 week course of 12 classes open to people who are unemployed, under-employed, and hard to employ due to past life stories.

Curriculum provides tools to make students the candidates employers are looking to hire. Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.

read more › To instruct students on various topics needed to help improve their personal life and workplace performance. To see hearts and attitudes change towards life, others and work thereby having a firm foundation on which to build a successful future. The Jobs Partnership was founded on the Idea that relationships are key to changing and improving lives. It is fitting that the organization was founded through one such dynamic friendship. In 1996, white businessman Chris Mangum of CC. Mangum Inc., met African-American Reverend Donald McCoy of Pleasant Hill United Church of Christ while Mangum's company was paving McCoys church parking lot.

read more › Participants in the program receive weekly job leads, mentors, and can receive assistance with employment, housing, transportation, food, and clothing. Classes are free and open to anyone unemployed, under-employed, or hard to employ. We meet 2 hours once a week and discuss traits that make you the kind of person employers look to hire. Provides guidance, support, rehab, and recovery for making life changes, developing new skills, dealing with stressful issues, and keeping life on track while becoming more self-reliant.

read more › The results below prove our effectiveness. These results have all been achieved by dedicated volunteers, passionate to serve others and help them succeed. With no paid staff, and no fixed financial support, we have achieved these phenomenal results, and have helped to improve the lives of almost 1,200 individuals to date. Financial support has been mostly from the pockets of our volunteers, and a few donations from churches, agencies, businesses, and concerned individuals. Just imagine how many more we could serve if we had money.

read more › Chris has been with Jobs partnership for five years and has served as treasurer for the last two. I've been serving Jobs Partnership since 2019. I believe in the program and the process. I hope to continue encouraging the men and women of JP along life's journey at every level. I am looking forward to being a servant for the men and women of the Joy Care/Jobs Partnership program.

read more › Our mission is to develop and facilitate ministry to ex-offenders upon their release from jail/prison by strengthening them spiritually and improving their practical skills with the ultimate goal of seeing them become contributing members of their family, church and community. Jobs Partnership needs people who are willing to devote a few hours mentoring ex-offenders, following up on requests for services, and a variety of other serving opportunities.

read more › To equip students with biblical principles in preparation to become valued employees and consequently more employable. Graduation certificates are presented to students who meet the requirements to complete the course. The goal is to secure one volunteer for each class with the exception of "God and Relationships" Part 1 and 2. The same instructor teaches both of these classes. We are always in need of volunteers for mentoring, helping in the jail ministry, helping in the classes, and other opportunities when available.

read more › Joy Care Center is a McLean County 501(C)(3) ministry founded in 1993 to assist those released from prison/jail into Bloomington-Normal by strengthening and improving spiritual and practical skills with the goal of seeing them become contributing members of their families, churches, and communities. Brought to Bloomington-Normal in 2010 by Joy Care Center. Provides Joy Care Center services that empower participants to improve personal and work place performance, change attitudes, and build a firm foundation for a positive, successful future.

read more › The topics covered throughout the 12 weeks of classes are designed to give students a sense of who they are in relationship to God, what God says about work, and how to become a valued and productive employee. If a worker is disrespectful of the boss and does poor work, whom else is the worker disrespecting?. NOTE: At session 12, and it's not always possible, but the goal Is to have representatives from a few businesses present to conduct interviews with the graduates. This is an excellent opportunity for students to get feedback on ways they might improve their interviewing skills.

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