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MJM Transportation Complete breakdown of career related information and statistics for each state. We aim to provide an honest and transparent picture for salaries and career growth for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers. A lot of the current websites highlighting trucking jobs and careers focus on selling you the idea of the career. Our goal is to try and provide you with an honest picture of what a day in the life of the trucker looks like.

The trucking and transportation logistics industry changes on a daily basis. We cover the newest emerging technologies coming out in trucking and major news related to changes in trucking companies. By utilizing BLS and ONET statistics, we aim to provide insights on growth for trucking related careers. When we began to look at the current state of various trucking industry websites, we quickly realized there was a common theme - all of them focused on one stage of the driver.

It was that frustration of not having one single resource for drivers at any stage of their career that led us to create TruckingJobNow.com.

read more › We have sourced a list of different trucking companies across the United States. If you are trying to find trucking companies near you that might be hiring CDL drivers, you can review our list of those companies. It should be noted that these are all trucking related companies and might not hiring. Our data was sourced and modified from the DOT database. Our state pages listed above will show you all the trucking companies based in whichever state you select. However, there are some companies that might not have a physical location but operate in that particular state.

read more › We wanted to breakdown the various types of trucking jobs that you might have the opportunity to gain if you earn your CDL (and potentially other certificates). Here is a breakdown of those various career options. Over the Road Long Haul drivers keep America moving and going. Truck drivers carry and transport 71% of the nation's freight. Materials that need to make it to the other side of the country, or even just the next region over, are transported by OTR drivers. OTR drivers are operating heavy equipment to carry loads with a gross vehicle weight greater than or equal to 26,000 pounds.

read more › As we've noted in a previous article, most economic signals are indicating that larger amounts of freight are going to continue to increase an already finite amount of drivers available for hire. Some companies are starting to simply increase their. In not so surprising news, 2018 seems to be facing the same issues that the trucking industry has had for the past 8 - 10 years: driver shortage. For trucking companies that have a sizable fleet and have been around.

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