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In its simplest terms, staffing is a way to connect job seekers with employers, but at Penmac Staffing it's about more than that-it's about people. Employment plays such a vital role in both personal and professional lives-our staffing specialists work to get to know each job seeker, HR manager, and business owner to understand their unique goals and challenges.

Penmac hopes to provide job seekers with work that meets their basic immediate needs and career goals, while making them feel appreciated and valued as individuals. When Penmac associates are assigned to the best job for them, our business clients benefit from a motivated, skilled workforce. A leading provider of human resource services, Penmac has the staffing industry expertise, but more than that, Penmac places people first.

From one small office to a multi-state corporation, Penmac has grown dramatically under the leadership of founder Patti Penny. Search for in-house job opportunities working in a Penmac office or at our corporate headquarters.

read more › Founder Patti Penny's vision of placing people first is the foundation of this employee-owned company. When you are as ambitious and dedicated as Patti Penny, there's no wonder her once-small local venture blossomed into a successful, high-growth corporation. Prior to starting Penmac, Patti gained extensive career experience in human resources, working seventeen years at Lily Tulip Cup Corporation and ten years at St. John's Regional Health Center. During the course of her experiences with these organizations, Patti realized her special interest in working with people.

read more › Whether your business is local or has locations across the nation, Penmac offers a type of staffing solution that will meet your unique needs. Our team members have had the privilege of working both with small, family-owned businesses that need extra employees just during a busy few months, as well as with corporations who are looking to staff entire departments. Penmac offers custom staffing solutions because we know not all companies are the same. If one of these staffing types doesn't sound perfect for your company, don't worry.

read more › One of the most common questions employers ask us is, "Do temporary workers receive any benefits?" The Penmac Staffing motto is "We Place People First, " and our actions and policies reflect our belief that our associates are the heart of our business, and have earned the same employee benefits as permanent workers. We provide temporary and long-term associates with health insurance options and retirement savings plans. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2010 (and sometimes referred to as "Obamacare"), has impacted all Americans, including employers.

read more › Principals and school administrators have a lot to manage. You are responsible for ensuring the academic success of students, cultivating leadership among teachers, improving instruction and curriculum standards, administering state and nationally mandated testing, and engaging parents and the community. As you're juggling these tasks, one of your teachers calls in sick and you and your staff have to stop everything to find a sub. Securing substitutes for teacher absences is a time-consuming and daunting task, yet it is essential to running a school.

read more › Our flexible, affordable solutions allow us to help your business-no matter the size or industry-overcome your staffing challenges. We've all had those moments when you're trying to explain your business, but the other person just doesn't understand. At Penmac, we know the frustration companies experience when they're struggling to communicate the right information-misunderstandings can put operations in jeopardy, which is why we make every effort to thoroughly learn the ins and outs of your industry.

read more › Do you need a remedy for your hiring headaches? PenMed's flexible solutions and expert staffing specialists will relieve your personnel pain. PenMed Healthcare Staffing provides staffing and human resource solutions to the healthcare community. As a division of Penmac, PenMed is building on over 30 years of experience and bringing that expertise to the medical arena. We match qualified, skilled job seekers with temporary and long-term opportunities at the best hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities.

read more › Pentec provides technical staffing solutions that will fulfill your needs today and help you plan for tomorrow. PenTec can recruit, screen, and qualify candidates for your contract or long-term IT positions. We can find the person with the specific skills and experience you need. Our temp-to-hire option allows you to be sure that a candidate is a good fit before you add him or her to your staff. We handle payroll, workers comp, and benefits for all PenTec contract employees. Why waste your time interviewing unqualified candidates?

read more › What can PenTransportation do for you? We are human resources and staffing experts. We can handle the entire application process from recruitment to pre-employment drug screening, as well as random screenings required by law. All you have to do is send our drivers out on the road. Penmac requires drivers to work 120 days or 480 hours on our payroll. Once these requirements are met, your company can transfer the driver to your payroll, or leave them with us. This gives you time to see if the driver fits well in your organization.

read more › Industrial staffing is the heart of our business. We've been finding quality temporary and long-term workers for manufacturers and other businesses since 1988. We carefully select qualified, productive, and safe workers to fit your needs in a dependable and timely way. From assembly to warehouse, we can provide capable and skilled associates on a daily, weekly, or long-term basis.

read more › Whether you need temporary help during the busy season, or a skilled professional to add to your team, Penmac can find friendly, reliable people right for the hospitality industry. Penmac can provide employers with a time and cost-saving means of recruiting, screening, and hiring top quality food and hospitality personnel. We can customize a staffing solution for your hotel from a few associates to an entire housekeeping staff.

read more › Steven D. Levitt, coauthor of Freakonomics and a renowned economics professor, cites research suggesting that more than 50 percent of people lie on their resumes. If you're a business that prefers to take care of the HR and hiring process on your own, but are worried about making the right decision, you should consider using Penmac's screening tool, SmartFit. Imagine that you've recruited a pool of applicants, completed a few promising interviews, and now you're ready to select a final candidate.

read more › You may have questions about Penmac's services. Here are some answers to the most common questions. If you'd like more information, contact the Penmac location nearest you, or call 877-473-6622 and ask for a sales representative. This depends on the requirements of the job. Most standard industrial and clerical positions can usually be filled within hours. Positions which require a specific skill set may require more time to be sure we have found the best-qualified person. That depends on the service you require.

read more › Are you entering the workforce for the first time, and don't know where to start looking for a job? Perhaps you've been laid off, are interested in changing your career path, or aren't sure what positions you're qualified for. You've worked hard perfecting your resume, practicing for interviews, and completing dozens of job applications, but still haven't had any luck landing that position. Let's face it; the job search process can be stressful. Between positions, you're careful to watch every dollar, but then your car needs repairs or your son gets sick and has to go to the doctor.

read more › Are you looking for a long-term career? Or, maybe you just need a short-term assignment to help make ends meet or fill in the gap until your next opportunity. Either way, Penmac Staffing can help find the type of job right for you. At the end of the day, we know you like to rest easy knowing you've put in a hard day's work, regardless of the work option you choose. Whether you need a job just to make it to next week, or you want to pursue a career that will last for years-Penmac will help you meet your goals.

read more › Penmac offers health coverage to qualified associates that complies with Affordable Care Act requirements. Penmac associates will be notified by mail and email when they become eligible to enroll. Penmac offers permanent, temporary, and temporary to permanent employment opportunities for a wide range of skill sets and in a variety of industries. Search current opportunities now. Wear clothes that are comfortable and presentable. You are not required to wear a three-piece suit, but pajamas (yes, this has really happened) are not appropriate either; somewhere in the middle is fine.

read more › When you need a professional perspective on employment issues, Penmac Staffing has a finger on the pulse of employers. The staffing world is always evolving with changing markets and economies. Penmac Staffing continues to progress and advance to meet the needs of shifting industries, while maintaining a personal, custom approach to staffing. Our staffing agency prides itself in continually expanding services and learning new businesses to meet the needs of our clients and associates. We are here to quickly aid journalists, freelance writers and media representatives with interview requests, images, and information about Penmac Staffing Services, Inc. Check back here to learn more about the latest news from Penmac.

read more › Author and business consultant Peter Drucker famously said, "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." At Penmac, we think both are important. In 2010, Penmac Founder Patti Penny and her family transferred ownership of Penmac Staffing to the company's employees, giving each team member a stake in the success of the company. Today, Penmac is one of the largest employee-owned staffing companies in the United States. With strong roots built by Penny, the company has continued to succeed under the leadership of many talented staff.

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