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What is the most inspiring part of your job? The most inspiring part of my job hands down is watching our team-members learn, grow and gain confidence as professionals within our industry. The biggest and most important part of my day-to-day is supporting our team, being a resource and offering any guidance and support that they need. I truly love serving our team and watching them flourish.

I have been in this business for 25 years because I LOVE helping people and making a difference. The ripple effect of the work keeps me excited and inspired to jump out of bed every day and serve. A person's career is such an important aspect of their life and good bad or otherwise, it affects every part of your life and ripples out into the world.

I love that we're part of helping people find the perfect opportunity that makes a huge difference in their life and that of their family and that we help companies reach their goals/objectives by hiring the right team members. Best advice I've ever been given?

read more › At Enginuity, we aren't afraid to go the extra mile. It is this commitment to our clients and candidates that has helped us build a global network of top engineering talent, and you can expect the same world-class experience when you partner with us. No matter whether you're looking for contract staff or permanent additions to your team, you can count on Enginuity Advantage. That's why we work swiftly to bring you only top finalists. We strategize with your team to get an understanding of your needs and company culture.

read more › Because the only thing we do is work with engineers and their employers, we specialize in the industry in a way that allows us to channel our experience, contacts and industry knowledge to find you the right fit. It's this deeper understanding of the engineering field that sets us apart from generalized recruiters or job boards. This gives us the experience and insight to find you engineering jobs with plenty of opportunity for advancement, excellent compensation, and the ability to work with teams of people who are as passionate about engineering as you are.

read more › Enginuity Advantage is amazing to work with. It's like having my own in-house recruiter sitting in an office next to me. From market intelligence to quality candidate screening and selection, their guidance and responsiveness are second to none. Working with Enginuity Advantage was a wonderful experience. We had very specific requirements for the type of highly experienced engineering candidate we were looking for. Enginuity Advantage was undaunted by the task and absolutely relentless in pursuing the perfect match.

read more › We believe recruiting takes a long term view due to the ripple effect it has on families and businesses. Employees are your business, and recruiting needs to be informed by a deep, long-term strategy that provides the best success to employer and employee now and into the future. This is a philosophy and process about onboarding, learning, communication, and follow up to ensure when we place people, they stay. Out of over 150 thousand interviews and thousands of guaranteed placements we know the small touches that make the work we do special and unique to your needs, rather than throwing resumes at a position.

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