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Local churches and businesses wish to stand up for justice and see their communities restored. We're here to help. Seed to Oaks is a non-profit that brings real and lasting community change through a collaboration between local churches, businesses and civic agencies, filling the space between the three. We help socially-driven pastors and professionals connect and mobilize their resources through guided social initiatives.

These initiatives are proven, strategic and straight forward to implement; designed as a sustainable means for community change that is real and measurable. I dream of a world where every local church is restoring its community. This means every single person has the opportunity to hear the gospel and flourish with their God given potential.

I believe that powerful churches change everything; that Christians can improve just about anything, including healthcare, education, job access, and the way we help people living in poverty.So, why aren't more churches renewing their neighborhoods?

read more › We help pastors by equipping their leaders to implement social initiatives that bring real and lasting change - without the burnout. Unfortunately, local residents often times do not benefit from churches that exist near their neighborhoods, and likely would not feel the impact of a church closing its doors. Although they wish to mobilize their people to serve, pastors operate under time and budgetary constraints, lack of personnel, and without effective programming. This step-by-step assessment will help you understand the story of your neighborhood and genuine needs of its residents.

read more › We help local businesses and influencers support social initiatives through the local church. Proven programs that partner businesses and churches to address some of the most urgent needs within local neighborhoods. A job placement program that can be operated through your church, in collaboration with local businesses. A health initiative that can mobilize your church and health professionals to meet the needs of your community. An educational summer academy that can be operated through your church, for parents and their children.

read more › Rather than starting with speculation, first know the the story of your neighborhood and its residents. This step-by-step assessment will help you understand the genuine needs and dreams within your proximity, so that your people's efforts are effective. A proven approach that is straight-forward to implement, bringing a practical proclamation of the Gospel to your neighborhood. Based upon specific principles, your Neighborhood Strategist will help you identify ideal church members to implement your Assessment.

read more › Job One is an employment placement program that can be operated through your church, in collaboration with local businesses. For churches, Job One provides a ministry that can place your members and community into full-time employment. For businesses, Job One increases revenue, reduces expenses and provides qualified employees when you need them most. Your church or business can build good will, build good lives, and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Learn how Job One works including how to choose the right economic initiative for you, the roles of volunteers, professionals, businesses and following up with neighbors who get hired into full-time work.

read more › Whole Health helps local churches and health professionals collaborate to address health needs within your community. For churches, Whole Health provides a ministry that can mobilize your people to reach hundreds of families in your neighborhood. For health professionals, Whole Health provides a way to use your health expertise to help those who cannot afford or obtain health services any other way. Whole Health is ideal for churches who want to meet a real need and for health professionals or companies who want to give of their expertise to serve vulnerable populations.

read more › Oaks Learning helps churches and educators support parents and their children. Oaks Learning will guide you to host summer academies, after school programs, and practical ways to help support teachers. For churches, Oaks Learning provides gospel-centered curriculum aligned with state education standards and guidance from our education strategists. For educators, Oaks Learning provides opportunity to support students using their certified credentials and expertise. Help the children in your community with education support, so they are prepared for life, formed and fueled by the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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