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Get your start in a better carpentry job at AMCSI. We're hiring experienced and entry-level carpenters to join our team of motivated tradesmen. We need both rough carpenters and finish carpenters to fill the demands of an ever-increasing work load. If you're looking for a well-paying career in an honest trade, your search is over. AMCSI wants to hear from you!

You can rely on AM Construction Services, Inc. for traditional sub-contracting capabilities and construction management. With every detail of your one-of-a-kind project, we prove our ability to understand your goals, as well as our commitment to quality construction. What separates AMCSI from the rest is the care we show to our employees. We provide a safe environment, invest in continuing education, and we pay for performance.

We're tight knit family and we work hard for each other. AMCSI is a merit-shop firm built on a foundation of reliability and quality rough and finish carpentry. Our hard-working carpenters treat accountability as a way of life and are dedicated to every construction project they undertake.

read more › Are you legally eligible to work in the US? (if yes, proof is required) yes, I am legally eligible to work in the US. Have you ever been convicted of a crime or pleaded no contest (for any offense other than a minor traffic violation), or have any pending criminal charges against you? I am able to perform the following responsibilities, in addition to those items listed above, which are required as part of the job: Carry 50 pounds of construction material repeatedly throughout the day, climb and work on a sloped roof, and read a tape measure.

read more › Our rough carpentry workloads are growing and we need hard workers to keep up! AM Construction Services, Inc. places high value on our employees and we're seeking skilled and unskilled rough carpenters to welcome into our rewarding job environment. We offer competitive performance-based pay and excellent benefits for hard-working rough carpenters either looking to get a start in the industry or veterans seeking to get paid what they're worth.

read more › Vast Income Growth Potential, Gratifying Benefits, on the Job Training, and a Rewarding Work Environment!. Searching for a carpenter job in the Milwaukee or Madison area? Looking for a carpentry company to invest in your future? Maybe you're seeking a challenge where you'll be recognized for both your skills AND potential, at a job where you'll get paid better for both. AM Construction Services, Inc. provides both veteran and beginner carpenters looking for a place to grow their skills and earning potential with the opportunity of a lifetime-a career with an expanding and reputable business!

read more › If you're looking to get paid what you're worth, look no further than AM Construction Services, Inc. As Southeastern Wisconsin's premiere builder, AMCSI isn't just a carpentry subcontractor; we're a team, we're a family. You don't have experience in carpentry? We invest in employee training to ensure our carpenters stay on the cutting edge of their trade. We're carpenters building carpenters. We put high value on our employees, and offer industry leading benefits to every carpenter we employ. He's an expert finish carpenter but isn't afraid to tackle some rough framing work.

read more › One of Southeast Wisconsin's best carpentry firms is hiring entry-level workers looking to get started in a rewarding career in rough or finish carpentry. AM Construction Services, Inc. needs apprenticeship-seeking carpenters with a sense of hustle to fill the demand for quality carpentry work. You won't just be pushing a broom - we want carpenters who are eager to learn, and we offer paid on-the-job training with one-on-one instruction. If you're looking to get your foot in the door of the carpentry industry, AMCSI is your battering ram.

read more › Veteran carpenters and journeymen have years of experience and a tool belt full of skills acquired while working at countless job sites. When experienced carpenters come to AMCSI, we see their value and respect their talents. We are veterans at recognizing talented carpenters and we know what it takes to keep them happy. We offer good pay for good skills and competitive job benefits. No matter if you're a project lead, a craftsman, a master carpenter, a journeyman or just have several years in the field, we want you to see what we can offer.

read more › AM Construction Services, Inc. is looking for both beginner and expert residential carpenters to help us keep up with our ever-growing workload. Ever wonder about the type of work required to build a house from the ground up? Home building contractors require a range of specialists from a variety of fields, and residential carpentry is among the most important. From rough framers to finishers, carpenters are responsible for a home's structural and interior construction. A house is not a home without quality carpentry from AMCSI.

read more › We can't keep up with the demand for commercial carpentry in the Southeastern Wisconsin area! AM Construction Services, Inc. is seeking carpenters of all experience levels to join our dedicated commercial carpentry team. Are you a hard worker willing to learn the trade of rough or finish carpentry? We want you! Are you a crafty carpentry veteran looking for greener pastures? At AM Construction Services, Inc., we place high value on our employees, because valued employees do valuable work. If you can only swing a hammer, we'll train you up and provide great job benefits.

read more › AMCSI is a leading carpentry subcontracting firm, tackling a wide variety of construction jobs. Finish carpentry for a restaurant? We do it. Framing for an apartment complex? No problem. Vaulted church ceiling? We're on it. Our skilled carpentry crew is ready to take on carpentry projects throughout the Milwaukee and Madison area. We have the skilled carpentry staff to satisfy the requirements of major construction projects, and our reliability is unsurpassed. We provide high quality carpentry work to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients.

read more › Quality rough framing carpentry is among the most essential parts of commercial and residential building projects, and AMCSI is ready to partner with you to make sure the construction is done right. Framing carpentry from AM Construction Services, Inc. sets construction projects off on the best foot possible. We build strong relationships with general contractors, founded upon our two principals' 50+ years of collective experience in the rough carpentry industry. Our framers and finishers build on their project leads' experience to create a motivated atmosphere based in ethics and hard work.

read more › AM Construction Services, Inc. provides the skilled finish carpentry your commercial or residential building project requires. Our experienced principles combine for more than 50 years in the carpentry industry, and impart their extensive trim carpentry skill set to each of our dedicated finishing carpenters. Partnering with AMCSI for all your carpentry needs means construction projects run efficiently and properly, resulting in beautiful interior aesthetics. Our expert finish carpenters have years of experience working on a variety of construction projects.

read more › Over our many years in the carpentry industry and countless jobs, we've performed a wide variety of tasks to complete construction projects. Our experience on the job site makes us a complete carpentry subcontractor. From the initial structure framing steps, to decorative finish carpentry, we see each project through to the end. When construction plans call for unique structures, our carpenters are up to the task. With AMCSI there's no need to hire a different carpentry subcontractor for special structures - we do it all.

read more › AMCSI is a leading carpentry subcontractor for commercial building projects in Wisconsin. We bring an unsurpassed level of expertise to each of our carpentry jobs-and we stand behind each job in our wide portfolio of successful commercial carpentry projects. With decades of experience in framing and finish carpentry, we have the know-how to see a project through from start to finish. Modern businesses expect quality construction to bring the aesthetics of a building's design to life. They depend on creative architectural design, which requires skilled carpentry to implement.

read more › AMCSI is a home contractor's best ally on the job site. Our crew is job tested and ready to get to work on any residential construction project. From the day our framers start in on a home building project to the minute our finishing carpenters complete the decorative interior aspects of a house, our dedicated carpenters are reliable and working hard to turn blue prints into a livable home. AMCSI is a merit shop carpentry firm and our carpenters work hard to earn their stripes. Our two principles have over 50 years of collective experience which they pass on to each of the carpenters we employ.

read more › Carpenter Services for Schools, Universities, and Community Colleges in the Madison and Milwaukee Area. Building educational facilities is often a big budget proposition with high emphasis on budget and time schedules. AMCSI is a merit shop carpentry subcontractor with the reliability large scale contractors depend on. We have a roster full of dedicated and motivated carpenters led by two principles combining for over 50 years of experience in the industry. We are experts in rough and finish carpentry, offering the entire range of carpentry skills necessary to complete carpentry projects for educational facilities.

read more › At AM Construction Services, Inc., our carpenters are dedicated to bringing the best carpentry services to each construction project. When a parish is looking to expand, remodel or build a whole new church or parochial school, AMCSI has the skills to accomplish their goals. We have the experience contractors are looking for in framing and finishing carpentry. Our two principals have over 50 years of carpentry industry experience, and we provide extensive training and ongoing carpentry education to each carpenter we employ.

read more › AM Construction Services, Inc. is a merit shop carpentry subcontractor with a reputation for quality carpentry work and a lengthy portfolio of successful public building projects. Contractors who hire the carpenters at AMCSI don't just get high quality carpentry, they also get to work alongside a team of dedicated and hardworking carpenters who come to each job with a professional attitude and the motivation to see each job through to a successful completion. Contractors who oversee the construction of public buildings have a responsibility to keep their projects on time and within budget.

read more › At AM Construction Services, Inc., we put an extremely high value on our employees. We also look to hire the best and brightest to join our carpentry family. By offering extremely competitive wages, benefits and a great work environment, we reward the hard work of our employees which translates into better work for our clients. We also value the potential of our employees, which means we don't hire based on skills alone. We want hard workers who are looking to learn a valuable trade and constantly expand their carpentry horizons.

read more › AMCSI Provides Competitive Wages for Rough and Finish Carpenters in Milwaukee and Madison. Get your start in a well-paying carpentry job at AMCSI! We offer the best path to a successful life in carpentry for hard workers who are willing to learn and grow in an honest trade. Even our entry-level carpenters start at competitive rate, with unrestricted room for performance-based pay raises. As you learn more and build your skill set, your pay will grow too. Work hard and earn more at AM Construction Services, Inc.

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