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Call Build a Professional Presence Online, Discover Networking Opportunities, Find Dental Job Openings & Advance Your Career. Connect with Dental Professionals, Potential Dental Employers, Dental Vendors, Traveling Dentists and Dental Patients. Fill Texas Dental Jobs Now Before the Year-End Rush Dental employers and dental job seekers can connect the salary dots with Salary.

Adds Ability to Connect With Dental Vendors Dental employers and dental job seekers can connect the salary dots with Salary. Post your resume and let prospective employers find you. Use our easy-to-complete templates to provide your basic information, and then upload an audio or video resume to help prospective employers get to know you better. Search our fully customizable database to find available dental jobs in your area that meet your skills and experience level.

You can apply for full-time dental jobs or temporary staffing positions that suit your availability. Simply register, create a profile, and set up job alerts.

read more › Feridoon Amini is an IT professional and Dr. Mojan Safavi is a practicing dentist in McKinney, Texas. Submit a video or audio resume at no extra cost, so potential dental employers get to know the real you. We show dental employers how easy it can be to fill their full-time and temporary dental jobs. We unveiled the first Dental Professional Networking site at the 2013 Southwest Dental Conference. Dental professionals were excited to learn that they can now connect directly with each other, similar to the way business professionals connect on LinkedIn.


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