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Irvine Technology Corporation (ITC) is an award-winning Information Technology Solutions and Staffing provider with roots in Southern California. We have had the privilege of serving exceptional client organizations as both a local and national resource for over twenty years and consistently recognized as one of Orange County Business Journal's "Best Places to Work".

Our team is comprised of seasoned technologists, staffing industry thought leaders, top-notch recruiters, dedicated account executives, and a world class support staff. We differentiate ourselves through the quality of our people, our commitment to customer service, and by focusing on exceptional performance. We are guided daily by our customer centric philosophy, core values, deep commitment to serve our clients and overall respect for one another.

We give our highest recommendation regarding the service we have received from Irvine Technology Corporation. We direct all our IT recruitment to ITC because of their high level of service and support for the best price of all consultants we have worked with in this area.

read more › The ITC team has a proven history of sourcing, screening and retaining top technical resources. Our ability to deliver technical resources "on demand" allows clients to concentrate on their core business, enabling them to staff critical projects efficiently and without the overhead of additional full time staff. We offer a variety of options for our clients and strive to deliver flexible, scalable, and highly effective technology staffing solutions. FULL TIME Consultants will be scheduled to work on average 40 hour or more per week with a contract duration of three months or longer.

read more › ITC has a long-standing history of being recognized as a world-class recruiting and technology solutions leader. We see ourselves as uniquely positioned to help organizations build incredible places to work through an intentional focus on culture and diversity. Companies who are committed to building inclusive organizations are poised to realize extraordinary results, not only in terms of employee engagement and productivity but also in customer delight and shareholder return. The path to creating the most inclusive organization begins with aligning an organization's beliefs and mindset that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a critical driver to their organization's success.

read more › With a recruiting and account management team that averages more than 12 years of experience in the industry, our team is unusually qualified to source, screen, deliver, and maintain relationships with top technical talent. Our process focuses on the big picture as well as the details, and we work with our clients to consistently refine and improve our talent delivery system. That means you can expect our team to be great from the beginning and keep getting better the longer we work with you as a staffing partner.

read more › Unlike many of our retained search counterparts, ITC's Executive Search Team works exclusively on Contingency and Retained Searches, affording our clients a lower cost per hire and greater flexibility option in the hiring process. Clients will partner with one of our EXPERIENCED SEARCH PROFESSIONALS on a contingency basis and pay us once the perfect candidate is brought aboard and hired! Let our team do all the legwork of identifying, engaging, qualifying and delivering outstanding talent. Thats it!

read more › Our goal is to inspire and support our finance community one person at a time while delivering exceptional resources and professional solutions to our clients. We are known as the company that continuously lives up to our reputation as the go-to-team known for its industry expertise, the culture of excellence, and ability to attract, source, screen and retain sought-after talent, nationally.

read more › Don't risk fines, penalties, and headaches. We understand the complexity of payroll and we handle every aspect of the payroll process, allowing you to focus more time and energy on building your business. Our service is designed so that all employee sizes are accommodated, from a single employee to large teams in any state. We manage everything from employee pay and health benefits to 401k program contributions without the need for additional legal entities. All states require various degrees of compliance from employment to tax law.

read more › If you have zero urge to start searching or starting in new technology jobs, it's still worth updating your rsum: You never know when you might need it on short notice. For example, if you're a federal employee furloughed by the recent shutdown, you might have to make a quick decision to pursue. Not all technology job interviews take place in person; especially during the early stages of the hiring process, a tech pro will likely have to speak to technology recruiters, HR staff, hiring managers, and even potential colleagues on the phone.

read more › In an effort to recruit the very best talent, Irvine Technology Corporation (ITC) would like to offer you a bonus of up to $3,000 for each referral that we put to work! How does it work? It's simple, contact one of our recruiter specialists online or by phone with a particular candidate that would meet the criteria for a specific posted position. Once you have referred the candidate to the position, we will take your contact information and if that candidate gets placed at our client for that position and stays employed for 90 working days - you are qualified for a BONUS.

read more › Nicole McMackin and ITC have created a rigorous fifteen week "technology and leadership curriculum" for female executives who are interested in becoming CIOs (Chief Information Officers). The CIO Certification Course is the first of its kind designed to help women who are experienced in technology management to get to the coveted position of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). With technology playing a critical role in the success of an enterprise, the CIO is the bridge between the business and technology driving efficiency and innovation creating a competitive edge in the market place.

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