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Colorado Jobs with Justice is a long-term, formal coalition of labor, community, faith, and student and youth organizations that come together to advance workers' rights and social justice through building sustained relationships and taking direct action to create concrete change in the lives of working families. We are one of the oldest of the more than forty local, autonomous chapters of the Jobs with Justice network, which has a twenty-five year history of fighting for working families and their communities.

Across the network, Jobs with Justice works on a range of issues from labor law reform to healthcare, from organizing campaigns to immigrant rights. In Colorado, we focus on those places where other social justice issues overlap with economic justice and racial justice. To contact us to volunteer, donate, or learn more, email or visit our Staff and Board page to reach a specific staff person!

read more › Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, Pamela grew up in the suburbs outside of Dallas, Texas. Their worker rights education and advocacy began at a young age by the experiences and teachings of their parents and community. Pamela is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio, and holds a B.A. in Political Science, minor in Latin American studies. Post-graduation, Pamela completed an internship with the Mexican American League Defense and Educational Fund and began working with the labor movement in Albuquerque as member coordinator with Working America and as mobilization coordinator with the Dallas AFL-CIO CLC.

read more › The work will include training IUPAT members on political processes and actions as well as working with labor and elected officials to ensure progressive policy continues to build power for working people in Colorado. A wage bond is a guarantee issued to a government agency to protect the wages and benefits of workers. The government agency has the authority to investigate complaints and, after providing employers with due process, order payment from the proceeds of the bond. This guarantee provides vital protections for workers where enforcement mechanisms have been ineffective.

read more › The Labor Liberation Workshop is a multi-media popular education program of Colorado Jobs with Justice. In this workshop we explore the history and roots of worker struggle, the complexities of the labor movement and the intersections of diverse identities, and what building a community vision of worker power might look like with a lens of racial and economic justice. The workshop is intended to build a grassroots movement for labor justice, support inter-sectional organizations and groups in Denver and animate people to participate in direct action for worker rights.

read more › Show up for everyone's right to a decent standard of living and an economy that works for us all. Demand the public policies and corporate practices that allow our families and communities to prosper. During the next year, I'LL BE THERE at least five times a year for someone else's fight, as well as my own. If enough of us are there, we'll all start winning. That means joining picket lines, attending contract rallies and participating in other actions or demonstrations for economic and racial justice.

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