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Certified Source has built an organization dedicated to delivering a staffing experience of the highest level. Our laser focus on quality and service excellence are the differentiators that have our clients relying on us as the emerging leader in the industry. It is our focus on local markets that allows Certified Source to provide clients with staffing solutions custom tailored to their needs while maintaining a pulse on the local economic market.

This combination provides the strategic advantage companies look for in a partnership. At Certified Source, we go above and beyond to make sure our clients are protected and experience service excellence. All of our staff members are Certified Staffing Professionals credentialed by the American Staffing Association. It is the essential credential for staffing professionals, certifying their expertise to work with both employees and clients within the bounds of federal and state laws and regulations.

Certified Source wants to connect job seekers with the top businesses in our community.

read more › As an organization dedicated to delivering a staffing experience of the highest level, we are constantly looking for candidates that can help improve our processes and deliver service excellence for both clients searching for candidates and job seekers. It is our mission to become a symbol of strength in the staffing industry. With this vision in mind, Certified Source employs the most trusted and experienced staffing professionals the industry has to offer. Certified Source is a leading staffing agency for the Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Claremore areas.

read more › Our company name - Certified Source Staffing Professionals - was chosen because we believe in delivering certified results to our clients. To achieve these results, Certified Source invests in the continuing education of our staffing professionals and requires all staff members to achieve the Certified Staffing Professional (CSP) certification from the American Staffing Association (ASA). The ASA certification program features in-depth content focused on federal and state employment and labor laws.

read more › Certified Source's Temporary Services specialize in providing on-demand workers, seasonal support, and temporary staffing. Our core expertise is recruiting, screening and hiring the right workers to increase business productivity and profitability. With locations in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, we have an expansive talent pool and can consistently deliver dependable labor at a moment's notice to meet your staffing needs. Compliance: Every worker Certified Source sends is eligible for employment and properly documented.

read more › Certified Source's Temp-to-Hire Services allow employers to assess an employee's on-the-job performance prior to hiring them directly. Our staffing professionals partner with clients to ensure that every employee has the skills to effectively perform the job and the personality to fit the company culture. Certified Source's proven hiring process and in-depth candidate screening gives clients immediate access to a pool of qualified, skilled workers and professionals that will increase business productivity and profitability.

read more › Certified Source's Payrolling Service is a cost-effective way for organizations to mitigate risk while reducing the administrative burdens of on-boarding and hiring new employees. Certified Source serves as the employer of record to keep businesses running at peak performance. Our clients manage the workforce, and we manage all time-keeping, payroll, taxes, workers' compensation, benefits, unemployment and administrative duties for these employees. Our flexible and affordable payrolling services allow companies to offset costs while bringing in specialized labor to meet business needs.

read more › Certified Source knows that recruiting and hiring the right employee for the job is a difficult process, but vital to a company's growth. That's why Certified Source partners with local businesses to provide specialized solutions to find the best talent the market has to offer. Since recruiting is the core of our business, we're able to source, screen, assess, and hire talent fast and efficiently. Certified Source's staffing professionals serve as an extension of our clients HR departments and our consultative approach creates long-term partnerships.

read more › Certified Source makes a commitment to each of our clients to provide exceptional service and fulfill their staffing needs above and beyond expectations. To ensure the process goes smoothly, we have outlined our hiring procedures. When a client places an order for staffing services, a Certified Source staffing professional visits the location to tour the facility and discuss the job requirements. During this visit, Certified Source will confirm the essential job functions, compensation range, and schedule for the positions; plus determine the hiring and onboarding needs, drug screening requirements and additional skills assessments required.

read more › I own a small business and was in need of a full-time employee with very specific professional credentials. I simply didn't have the time to conduct a candidate search for the job. A former colleague referred me to Certified Source. After one meeting, I was convinced that Certified could deliver on my expectations. Within seven business days, Certified had four candidates ready to interview for the role. Unbelievable! An in-house candidate search would have taken me two months to complete. Thank you for the partnership with our organization.

read more › Modern businesses need to be able to focus on targeted recruitment and retention strategies that provide meaningful results. If an organization can retain its valued employees, it can often decrease the need to recruit new ones. It isn't uncommon for employees within certain roles to receive increased compensation based on the danger they face each day in many industrial and manufacturing industries. Often known as "Hazard Pay, " this additional compensation is offered to assist with potential physical discomfort or distress that can occur while on the job.

read more › As one of the most trusted professional staffing agencies in Oklahoma, Certified Source can provide tailored staffing solutions for a wide variety of industries to ensure that they have access to the top talent the market has to offer. As a constant, year-round industry, the staffing needs of large manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses are great. With extensive knowledge of Oklahoma's market and the top staffing professionals for industrial industries, Certified Source can optimize a client's labor productivity while reducing overall costs by taking on heavy burdens like unemployment, benefits, payroll functions workers' compensation and much more.

read more › Certified Source meets the year-round staffing needs of large manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution facilities and provides staffing resources for smaller clients during peak periods of business. Certified Source's Light Industrial Division has extensive knowledge of Oklahoma's market and staffing professionals who specialize in the staffing needs of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities. Our goal is to optimize our clients' labor productivity and reduce overall employment costs by taking on the burden of workers' compensation, benefits, payroll administrative functions, and unemployment.

read more › Delivering goods from a distribution center to a predefined destination in a timely and efficient manner is not always easy. Safely driving and navigating the roadways, knocking on doors, getting signatures for deliveries, and doling out receipts over and again can be taxing. It takes a qualified and experienced truck driver with a professional attitude and endurance to get things right, consistently. Usually, such CDL jobs require specialized skills and knowledge coupled with a Class A CDL license.

read more › A forklift is a machine with two hydraulic-powered prongs at the front. Just like many other inventions, the forklift was born out of necessity - the need to lift and move large and bulky materials over short distances. Today, forklifts are a common sight in workplaces. Forklift operators drive them around, moving items in construction sites, factories, storage yards, warehouses and other work sites. Typically, the operator must be a responsible individual with outstanding forklift operation skills to ensure proper and safe transport of and safe transport of materials and products.

read more › Industrial machinery and equipment are part of virtually every organization, including transportation, production, and manufacturing companies. These machines must be tuned and optimized at regular intervals to ensure they are always running at peak performance. Oiling schedules must be laid down, while wearing parts must be examined and replaced. This consistent and methodical process of tuning factory equipment and other industrial machinery such as packaging equipment, production machinery, and conveying systems is known as industrial maintenance.

read more › Industrial machinery mechanics are responsible for maintaining and repairing factor equipment and other industrial machinery like conveyance systems and packaging and production machinery. Industrial mechanics perform some of the most important jobs within an industrial setting, keeping equipment and machinery functioning at optimal efficiency while keeping breakdowns at a minimum. Their ability to problem solve and implement solutions quickly is critical to the success of a factory's output and production.

read more › Machine operators work with industrial machinery to ensure the efficient and interminable running of production. Typically, they are craftsmen, mechanics, fabricators, builders and quality assurance workers all wrapped into one. Usually, operators work with mechanically based equipment, but may sometimes work with computer-controlled machines to ensure they complete tasks accurately and in a timely fashion. Some common examples of industrial equipment include grinders, lathes, and milling machines, to mention but a few.

read more › Engineering is a massive field that has many varied applications. It presents fantastic opportunities, particularly to passionate mechanical and electrical engineers. For a long time, the two disciplines have been perceived as separate entities with entirely different concepts. However, that has changed lately. Nowadays, the scope of engineering has evolved beyond its traditional boundaries to make the two interrelated. Learning institutions now offer a double major in both. With this shift in paradigm, new job avenues have opened in the broad mechanical and electrical assembly industry.

read more › Welding has become an important part of our country's economy, technology, and our day to day lives. If you are looking to pursue a career in welding, especially pipe fitting, you should rest assured that you have the best employment prospects. Due to the dynamic nature of steel, metal pipes are used in various applications, including water and sewerage, scaffolding, gas and oil pipelines, and construction applications, such as handrails and fencing. For this reason, pipe welders are in high demand in factories, bridge construction, the booming natural gas sector, and a whole lot of other industries.

read more › Production workers make many of the products you use every day. Generally, they work in a manufacturing setting, assembling all types of products from toys to computers to motor vehicles. There is also room for specialization within the production environment, requiring the use of different tools, skills and equipment. A production worker may be responsible for putting together part of a product or assembling a whole and final product. They may use specialized equipment or tools or complete assemblies by hand.

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