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Our staffing agency in Cleveland, Tennessee's basic approach to people reflects our belief that each employee commands the full trust and respect of the Company and fellow employees. We believe that most people are concerned about personal dignity, family, security and community. Most people are willing to understand and work for the objectives of the Company as it understands and respects the individual's concerns.

We emphasize high expectations, teamwork, employee involvement and mutual accountability for commitments. With this basic concept, we believe we can have the type of relationship that will lead to success, opportunities, and a stimulating work environment. We can help find Jobs in Cleveland, Tennessee! Whether you are looking for the next step in your career or a short-term job, HRSS CLEVELAND can connect you with a great career opportunity that's just right for you.

Designed for companies faced with the unique pressures of downsizing their organizations, HRSS CLEVELAND stands ready to assist transitional employees to make the move to new careers.

read more › HR Sources & Solutions is a locally-owned employment agency that works with companies of all sizes, at all stages of their growth. From entrepreneurs seeking their first employee, to well-established companies that appreciate the efficiency of using a single recruiter for many specialized tasks, we tailor our services to match our clients' staffing needs. At HR Sources & Solutions Cleveland we strive to know our clients, their business needs and their corporate cultures. Our Account Representatives work closely with our clients to clearly define the expertise needed and to ensure that we satisfy their immediate needs as well as future expectations.

read more › HRSS prioritizes matching the skills you need to candidates that we screen. We strive to provide a selection of candidates that have the core competencies required & the cultural match of your company or organization. We aim to meet your expectations in addition to validating current skills, work history and assessing their desires.

read more › Our business customers find that they can devote more time to achieving their business goals by allowing us to do all the work it takes to recruit, screen and hire a talented workforce. When you think about it, hiring is what we do every single day and we're great at it. As a staffing company we work with business customers (the companies who ask us to fill their temporary and full-time job openings) and we work with job seekers (you). We love our business customers, but we realized that if we take care of our candidates, they will take care of our business customers by performing with excellence while on a work assignment.

read more › HR Sources absolutely rose to the occasion this past year with your services during a very busy time for us. You have far surpassed any other agencies. For years, you guys have always been able to respond to our needs fast and efficiently and are able to fill openings in one of the tightest and smallest markets in the area. Really appreciate working with your team. Your company is always professional and responsive. Your follow up is excellent. I have been able to continue to build my business with quality employees that HR Sources and Solutions provides.

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