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In the meantime, obtain your Court Purpose Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) from the Department of Motor Vehicles and bring it with you to your scheduled in-person interview. 4. If necessary, obtain an Abstract Inquiry (if you have an Illinois license and have any gaps of 1-60 days on your Driver's License). The abstract inquiry can only be obtained @ 17 N.

MRV stands for Motor Vehicle Report. Your MVR will confirm your qualifications and safe driving practices. SCR is the choice paratransit transportation company for transporting children of the Chicago Public Schools, the elderly & the disabled. Our number one goal is safety. Safety for our clients and safety for our team. To ensure optimum safety & elite driver performance, you must meet the qualifying requirements that are in place.

Therefore, SCR requires all Drivers, prior to employment, to submit their Court Purpose MVR. SCR requires your Court Purpose MVR because it contains various information about your driving history; all traffic violations are contained on your Illinois driving record such as speeding violations or DUIs; if your driver's license has ever been suspended, revoked, or canceled, it will show on your record as well.
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