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Ranger Technical Resources Ranger Technical Resources, Inc. (Ranger Tech) is a leading information technology consulting firm. We have built our over 21-year reputation on exclusive and preferred client relationships, trust, innovation, responsiveness, and talent excellence. We believe that IT solutions must foster efficiency and productivity to sustain value. Founded in 1996 by Victoria Ranger, our mission is to partner closely through our decade-plus client relationships, surpassing candidate and client expectations with every engagement.

Our diverse, versatile team offers an unrivaled blend of expertise, from business management and strategic planning to recruiting and workforce dynamics in all things tech. Today, Ranger Tech is a privately held, certified woman-owned technology talent acquisition and consulting corporation headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We serve local and national clients, from closely held private firms to Fortune 1000 corporations across the United States and myriad industries.

read more › Ranger delivers productivity and efficiency-focused solutions from expert IT professionals, closely married to your most critical goals and needs. The tenure of Ranger's staff with our firm as well as our long-standing relationships with you, our client, allow us to deliver deliberate results backed by fervent passion and determination. Our collaborative and time-honored approach ensures full understanding of not only the issues you face, but the answers that target the greatest success of your business.

read more › The spark that you see in our candidate from the outset of an interview results in an on-the-job blaze of productivity and results. What's more, our candidates bring an infectious healthy energy to your existing staff, shifting them into performance overdrive. This is why we invest so much time looking behind the rsum in our selection process to match not only skills but a desire to contribute and succeed, always with your unique culture in mind. Instead of searching for the IT professional who can do the job; we find the one who will keep it.

read more › With the most thorough IT talent vetting process in the market, we have achieved preferred IT staffing vendor recognition with 100% of our clients. Ranger Tech's R-TEC recruitment methodology is a consultative, multi-phased approach to IT talent placement. It ensures we present only high-potential candidates, minimizing the time it takes clients to identify an ideal match. It looks beyond the candidate resume and researches candidate potential to increase the probability of a satisfactory hire.

read more › Ranger Tech partners with organizations using a structured, client-informed approach to organizational management, IT framework development and portfolio management processes to resolve alignment issues, such as cost perception, service delivery gaps and IT planning. Our approach has five focus areas. Ranger Tech can implement wholesale IT reorganizations, and manage organizational transformations by introducing service management processes and leading efforts to re-categorize IT departments as service and process-oriented entities.

read more › IT infrastructure may not be as exciting as developing some cool new app, but it is the workhorse of the IT world. Ranger Tech's intelligent, end-to-end solutions ensure it stays in the peak of health. To help you more effectively manage IT infrastructure investments, Ranger Tech offers both project consulting and managed service delivery models, customized to your needs.

read more › IT projects are complicated, especially if your project manager has a regular "day job" on top of IT project management responsibilities. Ranger Tech IT project management consultants offer the expertise to anticipate and overcome challenges associated with resource planning and forecasting. Through consistent application of IT project management best practices, you achieve project success with lower cost, reduced risk, higher quality and more timely delivery. Ranger Tech's flexible approach to IT project management allows us to work within your established methodology or to recommend one to you.

read more › Our preferred, exclusive, and trusted client relationships allow you to be hired quickly into rich and rewarding opportunities. For 20 years, our clients have trusted us to evolve with their innovative businesses to bring them the best candidates they can find. With this client intimacy, we present you as a human, not a rsum, for the following opportunities. With a focus on the South Florida IT job market, Ranger has developed and leveraged client relationships and is proud to offer consulting projects and job positions across the United States.

read more › Life holds few guarantees but lots of opportunities. To explore the possibilities, submit your credentials to Ranger Tech. We know how to read above, below and between the lines to see where your strengths will shine. We look forward to getting to know you, and submitting your resume is the first step.

read more › If you are looking at a job as a means to an end, you are missing out on what a career through Ranger Tech can really do for you. Connect with us, and commit to a career with purpose and passion. From the first discussion, our opportunities are personally, professionally, and financially rewarding. We track hiring trends and industry developments to ensure you are presenting your capabilities in a cutting-edge and honest way. Our exclusive relationships and knowledge of the authentic candidate requirements speed placements.

read more › When you have chosen technology as your profession, it's easy to get caught up in what's cool and cutting edge. Unless the cool factor supports business results, it will not address market realities. Ranger Tech's uniquely consultative approach balances business imperatives with innovation opportunities. We help clients make technology decisions that advance business goals. Our IT consulting and IT staffing solutions are designed to meet client needs both cost effectively and expeditiously. Ranger Tech concentrates on the critical links between IT solutions and business results.

read more › Victoria Ranger is a recognized leader in information technology consulting and solutions as well as a prominent charitable community leader. She founded Ranger Technical Resources in 1996 and is its President and CEO to this day. During her 30 year career in business administration, human resources management, and information technology, she has held executive positions including the Vice President of Human Resources for a 3000+ employee client. Victoria serves on corporate boards and consults with organizations on Human Capital Solutions, tactical business management, processes, technology, and investment.

read more › Ranger Tech goes above and beyond to understand your business and focus their efforts on what's best for you. They even visited our warehouse to see the entire operation and understand how all the pieces of our business tie together. If Ranger Tech thinks there is a better way to do it, they proactively steer me to solutions that will fit my budget and do the job, even if it's not what I thought I needed. Their follow-up with the candidate is awesome. The Ranger Tech team is very knowledgeable and can provide information on a dime about any particular candidate.

read more › Ranger Good Works brought the City of Ft. Lauderdale to the students of Dillard Elementary in 2017. Students were able to see firsthand what it feels like to take a walk through a safe and inviting city which had been created just for them. Students learned about various professions and many of our local industries during their walk. They engaged with professionals and had the chance to ask questions in a comfortable environment. In times of need, we put the word out to local businesses asking for their time, talent, and treasure.

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