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Experience, industry connections, and integrity-what you want from a recruiter, and what you get with Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT. As the nation's oldest professional agricultural placement agency, we're known for our ethics, our honesty, and the results we've achieved for both those seeking agriculture careers and ag employers. We fill agriculture jobs at every level of the industry, from the field to corporate headquarters and the manufacturing floor to the research laboratory.

Our company is an individually-owned business, but we're also affiliated with more than 400 leading agencies and 1,600 national and international recruiters. We consider it a privilege to serve our customers and help negotiate mutually beneficial, long-term employer/employee relationships. We appreciate the opportunity to share in your success. Please browse our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

All inquiries are kept confidential. Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT has specialized in placing well-qualified candidates with quality employers and furthering ag careers for 60 plus years.

read more › Established in 1959, we are proud to announce our 62nd year. We are the nation's oldest and a highly respected professional agricultural agency known for good business ethics, honesty, and integrity. Our company is an individually owned business having affiliation with over 400 of the leading agencies and 1600 recruiters nationally and internationally. We are engaged in the business of bringing qualified applicants and employers together at a time of mutual need to negotiate a mutually satisfactory employer-employee relationship.

read more › Jack's impressive career spanned many decades, and his accomplishments speak for themselves. In his nearly 57 years at the helm of Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT, he sowed the seeds of hard work, integrity and entrepreneurship that enabled Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT to flourish and grow into a strong and dynamic global business. Yet Jack is remembered not just for his professional legacy. He was also widely regarded as a mentor and a friend whose empathy and warmth touched everyone he met. Many of the people he worked with over the years became dear friends.

read more › To enhance our search and placement capabilities, Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT has been a member of NPAworldwide Recruitment Network (originally National Personnel Associates) since 1966. NPAworldwide Recruitment Network is comprised of more than 400 independent agencies representing more than 1,600 individual recruiters. In performing a search, we have the capability to share our specifications with the entire NPA organization in order to come up with candidates matching an employer's position specifications.

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read more › We're the best choice you can make to advance your agribusiness career. We have a tremendous selection of current agribusiness jobs, including ag sales jobs and positions in agribusiness management. As you review our current position listings, you'll find a wide range of opportunities, including agricultural management jobs. When you find an opportunity you'd like to pursue, be sure to refer to the position number listed with each opening. We encourage you to register with us and send your resume when inquiring about a specific listed position.

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read more › Seven and a half seconds. That's how long on average a hiring manager spends skimming a resume. A candidate only has that short amount of time to capture their attention and spark interest. This may seem like an intimidating statistic, but with a well-built resume, you have an increased chance of getting a second look.

read more › Please keep in mind we will only be able to help you if you have experience related to the positions you are inquiring about. We receive a large number of resumes daily, which requires us to adhere to a standardized method of evaluating and responding to each resume we receive. Each resume is evaluated in terms of the specific position applied for and in terms of placeability with other current and future searches. If we feel we can help, you will receive a telephone interview. If this telephone interview goes well, normally your paperwork will then be presented on each of our searches that meet your and our guidelines.

read more › Good communication between you and your employees is extremely important to ensure that both you and your employees have a good understanding of what is expected of each other. Likewise, good communication with our office is vital so we understand what you are expecting in your new employee. Providing complete information about your company or operation, and the position you need to fill, enables us to recruit just the right employee. Finding highly qualified help for you has to be a team effort.

read more › Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT was founded in 1959 in Central Nebraska, in the heart of America's agriculture. We work both nationally and internationally. It has been and is our goal to provide both the employer and the candidate with a long-term working relationship. Hansen Agri-PLACEMENT has specialized in placing well-qualified candidates with quality employers in agricultural related positions for the past 59 years. These positions range from general employment to upper level management positions in both agri-business and production agriculture.

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