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Ivy Exec Ivy Exec carefully screens thousands of job openings to select opportunities uniquely matched to your career aspirations, as well as provide the intelligence you need to learn if a company is right for you. Ivy Exec carefully screens thousands of job openings to select opportunities uniquely matched to your career aspirations. From calibrating your resume to tapping in to our member-community of over 20 executive mentors and career advisors, Ivy Exec has the people and expertise to advise you on your next best move.

Our ever-growing selection of live and on-demand online classes provide timely insights and knowledge essential to your professional development. With our unique collection of career-related articles, insights and trends, Ivy Exec makes sure you're always up-to-date and informed. Ivy Exec is not just one of those high level networks. It is the ELITE service that gave me all the right tools I needed to understand, learn, and craft a bullet proof strategy for transitioning into a new career and the job of my dreams.

read more › To make your life easier, our job specialists evaluate thousands of job postings each week so you don't have to. And we post only the 'best in class' opportunities. With our easy-to-use search technology you can perform targeted searches by simply entering words that describe the position you want. And, we alert you to jobs that match your interests so you don't miss an opportunity. If you want a full revision, or in-depth strategizing, we've got you covered with award-winning resume writers and coaches.

read more › Passionate about entrepreneurship and and new ideas, Elena founded Ivy Exec while at Columbia b-school. Elena believes that small teams who are dedicated, driven and united around the same vision are capable of achieving amazing things. Thats why she loves working at Ivy Exec. The greatest mistake one can make in life is to be in continuous fear that you will make one. Greg leads the marketing efforts at Ivy Exec. He's based out of the NYC office and can be found most weekends watching soccer on the Lower East Side.

read more › An on-line research survey was conducted of approximately 5,000 professionals from our Ivy Exec Community and beyond. Respondents were asked to complete a detailed, confidential survey on the firms they currently work for, or firms they recently left. The goal was to provide professionals with an idea of the current landscape of firms as employers and places of work. Survey participants evaluated firms across five key parameters: Work, Culture, Money, Leadership, and Prestige. Responses were analyzed using a proprietary algorithm to rank the top firms.

read more › German is a digital pioneer with 17+ years of hands on experience. His career experience spans across multiple industries, building leading brands, concepts, and new products. He recently launched a new venture bringing digital marketing and strategy expertise to clients throughout Europe. Whether you're moving up in your company, or contemplating a change, a 1 on 1 mentoring session with an experienced executive as a sounding board can clarify your thinking about options and next steps. Dale's story is one of true self-made success.

read more › Developed for senior level executives, the Elite Package is a comprehensive evaluation of your career and accomplishments, which includes a career diagnostic, a fully rewritten resume and a coaching session focused on overcoming any professional roadblocks. This package, customized to your specific requirements, is the ultimate tool for communicating your unique career. Start with a one-on-one intensive conversation with your certified Senior Resume Writer. After identifying and clarifying both your career aspirations and your accomplishments to date, your personal writer will craft a rewritten resume that defines your unique brand and effectively communicates to prospective employers your value and worth.

read more › Ivy Exec's 2 million global experts bring valuable insights from thousands of companies and roles in over 191 countries across a variety of market verticals. A strategic advisory client requested N=20 CIO/CISOs from 5000+ employees corporations to participate in a 3-day online discussion board about the future of cloud technology. The experts, who were from various Fortune 500 companies, were to participate in interactive discussions directly with both the moderator and their peers for a total of ~2h.

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