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Jubilee Jobs provides professional, compassionate job placement into marketplace jobs for people eager and ready to work. Since 1981, Jubilee Jobs has been connecting employers across the Washington, DC metropolitan area with qualified and well-prepared candidates. We began by responding to the needs of individuals residing in local, low-income housing program and have grown to be one of the city's largest and longest-serving employment organizations.

Through our process of compassionate, professional job preparation and placement, over 27,000 people have gone to work, meeting the needs of individuals and business community citywide. All services are free to both applicants and employees. We are so pleased to be able to report that thanks to our generous donors, Jubilee Jobs exceeded our Summer Challenge goal of $60,000!

110 people received individual job counseling services and 97 applicants secured employment this summer! Work for sustenance, dignity, and hope has become a reality for them now.

read more › Jubilee Jobs program begins with a program orientation - an opportunity to learn what the program offers and how the job placement process works. From there, individuals decide if the program is a fit with their needs and if the answer is yes, are scheduled for an individual job counseling session. Orientation is held every Monday morning. Doors open at 8:45am and we'll start the orientation at 9am. Applicants who do not enter before 9am are late and will be invited to comeback for the next orientation.

read more › Terry Flood, Founder, Job Counselor Terry Flood Co-Founded Jubilee Jobs in 1981, and is a founding member of Jubilee Housing in 1973. Terry started her career as a first grade teacher. After teaching, she decided to pursue her passion of understanding race relations and the philosophy of giving everyone a fair chance regardless of prior life choices, circumstances and/or other obstacles. Over the past 39 years, Jubilee Jobs has secured employment for over 26,000 individuals. Since co-founding and leading the organization as the Executive Director since 1981, Terry has held fast to the belief that securing employment is often the most transformative event in an individual's life.

read more › It would be hard not to smile if you met Jubilee Jobs applicant Melveon Harp. His booming voice and perpetual enthusiasm are an absolute delight. Even though he's been through hard times, Melveon will always tell you that he's "good and blessed". Melveon has worked in food service for most of his adult life. When Melveon came to Jubilee Jobs, his job counselor knew exactly where to send him. His experience, combined with his outgoing, cheerful personality, was a perfect match for our top employer partner, Harris Teeter.

read more › The first step is to "come and see" with a visit to our orientation, a discussion with our founder/director, and an overview of the program (1/2 day). After the visit, if you decide to establish a program, we will schedule a 5-day training for you at our offices in Washington, DC. The training will teach you how to run orientation sessions for new clients, conduct intake interview, complete reference checks, conduct job application/interviews, and do job development/market calling. You also will have the opportunity to sit in on our applicant-workshops, learn about our job retention and Move Up program, and see our database.

read more › The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to help every young adult find appropriate work, passion for the future and the tools, education, and relationships for their dreams to become reality. Provide a professional, compassionate job preparation, job placement, and job retention services. Support applicants throughout their discovery process to define a career goals and actionable next steps. Encourage participants to further their education by obtaining either GED, Associate's degree, Bachelor's degree or certification from a vocational school.

read more › Jubilee Jobs connects capable applicant with marketplace jobs every day. Since 1981, Jubilee Jobs has helped Washington-area businesses fill over 27,000 positions. All applicants have been per-screened with work history verified and reference checked. Jubilee Jobs has a continuous pool of job ready applicants and is able to provide employers rapid access to candidates for all entry-level positions, even on short notice. Our partnership with Jubilee Jobs gave us access to a reliable and capable segment of the workforce that we would never have had otherwise.

read more › To donate by credit card over the phone, call Development Associate, Kenneth Guerrero, at (202) 667-8970 during business hours. Jubilee Jobs is a member of the United Way of the National Capital Area (#8232), Combined Federal Campaign (#67842), and the World Bank's Community Connections Campaign. When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates a percentage of your purchase to Jubilee Jobs. Matching gift programs through your workplace can double or even triple the value of your contribution! Contact your employer's Human Resources Department to find out if they offer a matching gifts program.

read more › Last March, I received a call from my applicant Dan. His voice was filled with panic. He told me that his sales position in the Macy's shoe department had been indefinitely suspended because of the pandemic. With your support, Jubilee Jobs had helped Dan get his Macy's job in 2019. He loved it. He won a top salesman award several times over the course of the year and relied on the generous commissions that he earned. Dan was desperate to find a new job to replace the income he had lost. He couldn't risk being kicked out of his room in one of the city's transitional housing programs.

read more › Attending the orientation is the first step of being an applicant at Jubilee Jobs. Orientation is held every Monday morning. Applicants who do not enter before 9am are late and will be invited to comeback for the next orientation. The Ritz Apartment: 1631 Euclid St NW, WDC 20009 Please wait outside by the front entrance, facing Euclid St., of the building. A Jubilee Jobs staff member will let you in.

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