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Mission critical employees with expertise in linguistics, intelligence support, analysts, rule of law, information technology and training. FedSys is a worldwide professional services corporation dedicated to providing operational support to government customers throughout the United States as well as within the most austere and hostile global operating environments.

Areas of focus include organizational development, training and mentoring, military intelligence, information operations, information technology, cyber security, threat assessment, interpretation and translation, and administrative support. Recruiting, vetting and retaining qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in intelligence, linguistics, rule-of-law, information technology and analysts.

Developing curriculum and programs of instruction for various departments such as instruction in cyber warfare, counterintelligence, lawful intercepts, rule of law, border and customs operations, cultural and political operations, and environmental awareness.

read more › FedSys was founded in 2004 as a professional services corporation dedicated to supporting the federal government. In 2007 Matthew Mason acquired a majority interest in FedSys and it became a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business. With new ownership and leadership came a new focus and FedSys began providing additional services to the government, including services in the areas of Language, Intelligence, Information Operations and Cyber Security. This change in strategy resulted in exponential growth and resulted in FedSys becoming one of the largest growing businesses in the defense industry.

read more › The FedSys organizational development division was founded to provide independent, objective analysis of customer needs, evaluation of existing programs and recommendations for the creation of program infrastructure, personnel training, new program development, streamlined operations of existing programs, increased efficiencies and enhanced workflows. FedSys maintains a cadre of highly experienced subject matter experts capable of deploying anywhere in the world and familiar at serving government customers.

read more › The FedSys Training and Mentoring division provides complete educational solutions, including curriculum development, instruction and evaluation to civilian and military government agencies to allow government officials to focus on their core operational missions. FedSys trainers and mentors are subject matter experts and veterans of real world operations who are capable of providing realistic and innovative training designed to simulate actual conditions. The FedSys training and mentoring division is capable of carrying out operations anywhere in the world, including austere and hostile areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

read more › FedSys has been recognized as a leader in the provision of intelligence services to government clients including the military, Intelligence Agencies and law enforcement. The FedSys intelligence division includes former intelligence professionals including experts in SIGINT and HUMINT operations. Our team understands the needs of intelligence customers and the specific methodologies necessary to locate, vet and retain qualified cleared professionals. These professionals are supported by a secure logistics and communications network designed to ensure timely and efficient response to customer needs.

read more › FedSys understands that modern military operations require the ability to shape perceptions to effect a desired outcome on the battlefield. We provide the government with specialists who understand the area in which they are operating, including cultural, tribal or other nuances that contribute to accurate localization efforts and in turn an effective campaign. FedSys IO professionals provide expertise in the areas of media relations, media analysis, and IO support to asymmetric warfare through the shaping of public perceptions.

read more › FedSys personnel provide a wide variety of classified and unclassified Information Technology and communications development, management and support. We have considerable experience in a pre and post construction environment with the validation of IT, Design & Implementation, [Network Design & Build-out, NIPR, SIPR, Conduit, Cabling, HVAC, Electrical Loads, UPS Strategy, etc.], thus ensuring architecture, IT and security elements are in sync with timelines, review plans and blueprints. IT division personnel are capable of carrying out operations in both CONUS and OCONUS include austere and hostile regions of the world where U.S. Government operations are conducted.

read more › FedSys understands the importance of cyber operations to government security and has proven systems designed to provide government agencies with complete solutions. Whether an agency is tasked with fighting criminals, terrorists or defending against foreign attack, the FedSys cyber division has a scalable solution designed to meet ongoing or emergent operational needs. The FedSys cyber division has worldwide deployment capabilities including the ability to provide services in austere and hostile areas of the world.

read more › The FedSys threat assessment division is skilled at providing government customers with complete vulnerability assessments, and is prepared to recommend a complete course of action to ensure the security of a facility, installation and individual or group. Able to operate independently anywhere in the world the FedSys team has the ability to deploy in support of emerging requirements with minimal notice. By engaging the FedSys team of experts, government customers can enjoy total confidence in the security of their critical infrastructure and personnel.

read more › Since its founding FedSys has been a leader in the provision of language services to the federal government. The FedSys language division provides complete language management solutions including the recruitment, vetting, deployment and evaluation of linguists. In addition to being linguists many FedSys personnel also have expertise with other areas that include cultural, economic, and political subject matters. To ensure the ability to provide continuous support to our customers, FedSys maintains a linguist recruitment network designed to quickly identify, vet and deploy linguists who are capable of meeting the government's requirements.

read more › FedSys understands the sensitive and critical nature of government operations and provides augmentation of cleared personnel who are able to perform in these capacities. FedSys administrative professionals provide a wide variety of tasks including expertise in the areas of National Security, Procurement and Acquisition, Inter-Agency Coordination, Human Capital & Resource Management as well as other areas of support. Whatever the needs of the government, FedSys conducts top to bottom review of each requirement to ensure that a solutions is found which is tailored to the needs of individual customers.

read more › FedSys provided more than 200 foreign language, local national linguists to support the Telephone Intercept Unit in Afghanistan. FedSys employees translated and monitored lawfully intercepted in-country telephonic communications and provided professionally written and detailed synopses, word-for-word translations, and real-time intelligence to US and Afghan law enforcement agencies. Our linguists translate Dari, Pashtu, Baluchi, Nuristani, Uzbeki, Pashai, Punjabi, and Urdu into English. FedSys supported the USCENTCOM Counter Narcotics-funded BMTF Border Management Initiative at various internationally recognized ports of entry, inland customs depots, and international airports within Afghanistan.

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