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We believe work is a part of God's identity, and He gave us work as a gift to continue His creation, live out our unique calling, and worship Him. Work has value and the power to heal. We need to make a shift in the way we view our work. Work isn't simply about what we do, it is also about who we are and created to be.

And with recent unprecedented economic uncertainties, unstable unemployment rates, job uncertainty and complacency as a result of the pandemic, the need for people to discover the dignity of work is more critical than ever before.Since January, we have equipped more than 100 leaders to take Jobs for Life back to their communities. Our goal is to equip 100 more this year.To do so, we must engage visionary leaders who desire to see their communities transformed. Your gift will support us in doing just that!

read more › We believe God created everyone to work. He designed all of us with gifts and talents to subdue and steward the earth through work. We find our purpose, meet our economic needs, and worship God through our work. However, 6 million people are unemployed, 22 million are underemployed, and 80% of workers are disengaged. There are personal, educational, and systemic barriers that prevent some of our neighbors from working or thriving at their jobs. We believe there are solutions to these problems, and we believe it takes each of us taking part in our own communities.

read more › We are not just colleagues, we are a family. Brothers and sisters in Christ, with a heart to see all people living and working for the Glory of God. We are a diverse group of individuals, together pursuing God's call to the Church. We are not perfect, but we pursue excellence, using our God-given gifts and experiences to accomplish the work. We are challenged, but we are committed to change the world's view of the the Church, Work and the Poor. We work hard by the Spirit and rest in Christ's finished work.

read more › WE BELIEVE.The only true God, existing eternally in three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. WE BELIEVE.The value and dignity of all people, each created in God's image and yet alienated from God and each other because of our sin and guilt. WE BELIEVE.Jesus Christ, fully human and fully divine, who lived as a perfect example, assumed the judgment due sinners by dying in our place, and was bodily raised from the dead and ascended as Savior and Lord. WE BELIEVE.God's grace which justifies all who repent and put their faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

read more › For years, the Church has been engaged in the fight to break this cycle of poverty. A majority of the Church's effort and resources for those in need however, begins with food, housing, and clothing. At the bottom of the list is work. But without employment, and the means to actually provide for themselves and their families, the cycle continues. So what if we flipped the list and equipped churches to start helping their community find meaningful work? What if we started lending a hand instead of just a handout?

read more › Real transformation through JfL cannot be done without a group of people-a community- joining together to help men and women experience the dignity of work. This community consists of businesses and non-profits, to investors, volunteers, and students. From leading and participating in a JfL class to investing resources and hiring JfL graduates, each level of involvement is crucial in our mission to engage and equip the Local Church to address the impact of joblessness through the dignity of work.

read more › Powerful things happen in the class. Dignity is restored. Character is built. Cities are transformed. Jobs for Life offers a discipleship platform enabling members of your church to develop gospel-centered relationships as unemployed men and women learn God's gift of work, find employment, and experience life in Christ. Pray and cast vision to your church leadership or community group and determine the interest of running a Jobs for Life class. Here are Resources you can use to present Jobs for Life and garner support.

read more › Equipping your ministry with new strategies and tools to help prepare men and women for meaningful work. JfL CORE, a training event consisting of interactive facilitation, engaging group discussions, and challenging exercises led by JfL staff and experienced leaders, will guide you and your team through the necessary steps to plan, start and sustain a Jobs for Life class at your church or organization and help you prepare men and women for meaningful work in your community. JfL CORE Training is required for new sites that have never led a JfL class.

read more › Our leaders in the field-site leaders, instructors, Champions, and other volunteers -are the experts. These leaders have spent many hours planning, coordinating, and conducting their JfL classes, and have learned so many valuable lessons as they've built relationships with students and other members in their community. As we work to carry out our mission, we want to give these JfL leaders a platform and a voice to share with the rest of the JfL Network -what works, what doesn't work, best practices, etc.-as together we engage and equip the Local Church to address the impacts of Joblessness through the dignity of work.

read more › The Flip the List Video is one of Jobs for Life's signature marketing pieces. It summarizes why Work is important to God and the dignity of every person. It demonstrates how Jobs for Life uses Work as means to break the cycle of poverty and joblessness. Use this video as a way to market your Jobs for Life ministry to your church and/or community to give a case why others should get involved. One-page flyer with information on how the Church is uniquely positioned to help solve the problem of poverty and joblessness.

read more › A church or organization that implements the Jobs for Life's job training and support strategy enabling unemployed or underemployed individuals to obtain and maintain meaningful employment. You need a viable strategy to mobilize your church/organization to reach out to the unemployed. You are interested in being a part of a local and global network of churches and organizations committed to the same mission of helping those who struggle with work. Success for a site not only comes through the materials and products provided by JfL, but also through the ongoing support and service provided by JfL Customer Service and its network of sites.

read more › Veteran urban activist Robert Lupton reveals the shockingly toxic effects that modern charity has upon the very people meant to benefit from it. Toxic Charity provides proven new models for charitable groups who want to help-not sabotage-those whom they desire to serve. When Helping Hurts articulates a biblically based approach to poverty alleviation, a framework that has already shaped 250,000 church and ministry leaders. Learn how you can walk with people who are poor in ways that lead to lasting change.

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