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The Go Recruit Me team of career specialists exists to serve medical professionals in turning jobs into careers. GRM believes that you - who give so much of yourself to help others - deserve rewarding and fulfilling careers. They also understand the realities of all career moves and that you are simply looking for a better life for you and your loved ones.

We think you deserve it and we will help you find it! Go Recruit Me was founded by Shelli Saunders and with years of experience working with hundreds of professionals like yourself, Shelli and her team will make it easy for you to discover a better life. In 2009 Shelli began recruiting starting placing pharmacists on a part-time basis but in 2011 her reach expanded into physician placement first in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine/Urgent Care then eventually Psychiatry.

She worked exclusively with Government contracts for the Military, Indian Health and the VA system doing locums placements. Now the focus is primarily permanent placements.

read more › How does this work? When you do your search on our website and find a job, then apply online, your information will forward to the recruiters handling those jobs. If you are a close match, they will contact you to discuss the positions and employers in detail and then work hard to get you interviews ASAP. Does this service cost the jobseeker anything? No. Not one dime. We are paid by the employers and recruiters that we represent and they pay us to help find the best suited candidate for their job opening.

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