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Art Jobs has more than 100k+ followers across social media and 60k+ newsletter subscribers. The creative industries refers to a range of economic activities which are concerned with the generation or exploitation of knowledge and information. 88-117. Some scholars consider that education industry, including public and private services, is forming a part of creative industry.

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read more › Reach professional talent by placing a free casting call to immediately broadcast your project to thousands of actors and performers. Ballet Legere is seeking male ballet dancers between the ages of 12 and 25, for the role of Prince in their 36th Annual production of THE NUTCRACKER. This is the longest running Nutcracker production in the Chicagoland area. Must have dance experience, be able to do a lift, and live in the Chicago area. Ad Infinitum are looking to cast a performer from the Global Majority to join a multigenerational ensemble of six, for the creation, rehearsals and tour of their latest production, The Long Lie (working title).

read more › I took this photo in 2017, while walking through the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It was rainy and gloomy that day. Playing in the sidewalk puddles, I came across some ordinary apartment buildings. Standing back to look at them, their symmetry grabbed my eye and I began shooting photos; they were a. I had just arrived a few days before at my artist residency in rural India, near a small village called Andore in Rajasthan. I was there to photograph and identify wildlife as reference material for my scratchboard portraits.

read more › Collazo uses representations of objects, status symbols and familiar logos to create halos of conflicting dynamics, implying an overwhelming confusion caused by societal pressure. He uses a complex graphic style that centers on self-portraiture and incorporates elements of pop-culture symbolism, art. I believe all art is installation art because it can not escape the context of where it is experienced. I believe all art is time-based because it cannot escape decay. With that, I am an installation artist working with different concepts of time-based media, exploring ideas of loneliness and.

read more › April Winter takes playful self-portraits in self built, often claustrophobic sets. Her work revolves around the transformations of these little worlds, filling the space with found, made or borrowed objects to tell a story; often about such topics as sexuality, utopia and isolation. Heroin addiction has plagued my dad for over half his life and most of mine, and although he no longer uses it, his past life still spills over into the present and is still very much visible. We had never spoken about his addiction until I started this project and it has become an eye opening exper.

read more › To have your work seen by 600,000+ visitors around the world, including world-leading companies, brands, publications, creative agencies, galleries, talent agents, collectors, curators, writers, and more, we encourage submissions from artists to take this opportunity to submit your best works and connect with our online audiences from 200+ countries! Works will be judged based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability. Winners will be chosen based on the quality of single entry as well as quality of overall work.

read more › Recordings will be judged based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability. All finalists of the Art Music Award will be invited to upload to Music Passion by Classical.com. Winning Performers will be promoted extensively and will be invited to upload to Music Passion by Classical.com. The recordings will be seen by the international audience of concert promoters, media editors, talent & PR agents etc. Performers will be provided with extensive publicity in the form of email marketing to all media partners.

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