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Jobs to Move America is a strategic policy center that works to transform public spending and corporate behavior using a comprehensive approach that is rooted in racial and economic justice and community organizing. We seek to advance a fair and prosperous economy with good jobs and healthier communities for all.

Jobs to Move America envisions a nation where all levels of government use the power of public funds to create public good - fostering the conditions for an inclusive democracy, equitable economy, and healthy environment that works for all communities.We seek a just, clean, and worker-centered economy in which corporations are responsible for the impact of their actions.

We believe that workers should hold power and space within the economy to shape its growth and direction amidst rapidly evolving conditions. We must build power to reshape our government and economy to grow strong communities. This requires us to address historic and structural injustices that have left millions of people behind and hindered communities of color, low-income people, and other marginalized groups from sharing in the benefits of a prosperous economy.

read more › By signing up for our mailing list, you'll receive action alerts and updates about our fight for a fair economy. An economy that puts workers, racial justice, and climate action over corporate greed - every time. An economy where our public dollars are always invested in a way that does the most public good.

read more › Did you know that our federal, state and city governments spend a combined $2 trillion per year purchasing goods and services to keep our country running? Jobs to Move America believes in the power of these public dollars to foster a cleaner environment and fair jobs in the communities that need them most. Your support will help us empower workers and communities by funding research, communications, policy work, and community organizing to transform public purchasing for the most public good. Join us in building an equitable society where our air is clean, our infrastructure is sound, and every job is a good one.

read more › As the Illinois Organizer, you will be responsible for leading and growing the network of workers, grassroots community members, and coalition partners that are engaged in our campaigns to win community benefits agreements and worker-centered equity policies. Essential Duties and ResponsibilitiesThe Senior Campaign Organizer will work with the Northeast team to support JMA priorities in New Jersey and advance our vision of public goods for the most public good.

read more › We've created policy tools that make sure communities and workers reap real benefits from the billions of public dollars we invest in infrastructure. We've played a pivotal role in getting rail and bus companies to build factories and create thousands of good, family-sustaining jobs in California, Illinois, and Massachusetts. We're working with climate justice groups to make sure our transition to clean energy creates good jobs for workers and marginalized communities. We're advancing a new paradigm on federal infrastructure policy.

read more › New York and New Jersey pour billions into public infrastructure -- like transit -- each year. We're fighting to ensure these public dollars build up our communities, too. We're organizing the country's heartland to lead the way on ambitious climate policy and infrastructure investments that lift up workers and communities. California is the country's most populous state and the birthplace of Jobs to Move America. Our campaigns are harnessing the power of California's public dollars to advance racial, gender, and economic justice.

read more › Home to 39 million residents, California is the most populous state in the U.S. and represents the world's sixth largest economy. Billions of public dollars are spent every year to build roads, buses, bridges, and the public infrastructure that keep the state running. But many workers and communities are not benefiting from these investments. Jobs to Move America is transforming the way our public dollars are used to generate greater racial, gender, and economic justice. We empower coalitions to win Community Benefits Agreements, create job pipelines, and support local and statewide policy that holds companies with public contracts accountable to the public good.

read more › In Illinois, city and state governments spend billions of public dollars every year to build roads, buses, bridges, and the public infrastructure that keeps the state and country running. Jobs to Move America is waging campaigns in Illinois to ensure that the benefits accrued by the companies receiving public funding result in good jobs and community benefits and a cleaner environment. Our coalition organizes to win Community Benefits Agreements, build job pipelines, and support local and statewide policy holding companies that receive public support accountable.

read more › New York State boasts the largest transit network in North America. With the third largest bus, rail, and light rail system in the United States, New Jersey isn't far behind. Transit agencies and municipalities in this region spend billions every year purchasing transit equipment, developing infrastructure, and operating trains and buses that move people to and from their homes, jobs, and loved ones. Unfortunately, when companies contract with our transit agencies, they are rarely required to provide living wage jobs or build green infrastructure.

read more › The manufacturing industry is making a comeback in the Deep South, driven by tax incentives provided by the state and local governments. Alabama and Mississippi rank in the top ten states for transit manufacturing in the nation, and have each granted approximately $3.5 billion in tax incentives and subsidies in the past two decades, with most of those dollars awarded in the past five or six years in exchange for vague, unenforceable commitments to "create jobs." The reality is that these companies are exacerbating poverty by paying low wages, hiring for temporary jobs, disregarding health and safety concerns, contributing to environmental problems, and engaging in racial and gender discrimination.

read more › Our governments - federal, state, and city - spend a combined $2 trillion per year purchasing the goods and services that keep our cities running and neighborhoods connected. At the national level, Jobs to Move America engages in research and policy advocacy to ensure these public dollars do the most public good. We do this by helping agencies and policymakers combine public investments in our infrastructure with the creation of worker-friendly, family-supporting jobs. To achieve this vision, we partner with JMA's regional teams and at the national level with transportation, labor, civil rights, environmental, and policy allies.

read more › Filter by Categories All Categories Climate Change Economy Feminism Health & Safety Infrastructure/Transportation Labor Manufacturing Racial Justice Transparency Workforce Development. Current and former employees of New Flyer of America release a letter detailing racism and discrimination they experienced at work. Between 1993 and 2020, Alabama gave away $4 billion in tax incentives to corporations like Amazon, Mercedes, Toyota and Google to incentivize job creation. The California Jobs Plan Act will make sure that our public dollars benefit people in communities hardest hit by the effects of the pandemic and climate change -- communities of color and working-class neighborhoods.

read more › Jobs to Move America is flipping the script on the power of our public dollars to do public good. Below you'll find a selection of our latest hits - from press releases to media highlights. Explore the Pressroom to find all our press releases and news appearances. Head over to our updates section for the inside scoop on our campaigns, as well as thoughts and opinions from our team of experts. If you're a reporter or journalist looking to speak with an expert from Jobs to Move America, contact us here.

read more › The bipartisan infrastructure bill currently in Congress presents an opportunity to rebuild from the pandemic and prepare for the worsening climate crisis. An upcoming virtual event to feature Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin is to center on work in Alabama and across the South to build sport for labor rights, corporate and government accountability. Transportation is the largest source of climate-disrupting pollution in the U.S. Fortunately, electric vehicle (EV) technology has progressed to the point where we can now start replacing tens of millions of fossil-fuel vehicles with EVs.

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