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Assistant/Development Coordinator Confidential Part-time Assistant for established female Producer. Paid Intern - General NEON NEON has carved out a niche for itself as an edgy, exciting young distributor with auteur-driven content and a slate of diverse voices. Persona PR Persona PR is seeking a full time Account Coordinator to work remotely (until further notice) from our New York City offices.

Are you an employer? Animation/VFX/Design Assistant Crew/Production Acting/Casting Notices TV/Film Production Internships Radio Legal/Business Affairs Music/Label PR/Publicist/Marketing Post Production Acct./Finance more categories. From tiny companies to big studio studios, nearly every company in the industry uses our site. Listings are updated around the clock and we manually screen each job and company before we post it to the site.

Since 1999, we have helped tens of thousands of people find jobs and internships with over 300,000 jobs in 29,000 companies. We offer a membership that gives you access to jobs before they go to the general public and tools to make the job search easier.

read more › We frequently get this question and with over 22 years in business and over 30,0000 employers posting with us, we jokingly say that it would be quicker if we tell you who doesn't use our service. To get an idea of the types of jobs and employers you can find on EntertainmentCareers. Net, take a look at this snapshot of some of the employers who have postings on the site now:.

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